Friday, 4 March 2011



I was so glad that my husband and I could go for the Japanese Dance held on Thursday 3rd March at the Abdull Aziz Hussein Cultural Centre in Mishrif. They had also held Ichitaro’s Taiko performance (Japanese Drums) which I could not attend.  

I  have always been intrigued by the Japanese heritage, culture and tradition. I enjoy watching documentaries and travelogues on Japan. There’s so much to learn from them. I had a friend whose son worked in Tokyo and she would always share beautiful stories of Japan and the people as she made several visits to Japan herself. 

Anyways, coming back to the Japanese Dance, it was an amazing and totally entertaining event. Every dance left a beautiful impression, though I couldn’t understand the language or the songs, a leaflet given to us that described every dance, helped us understand what each dance was about. I believe language is not a barrier when it comes to enjoying music and dance of other cultures. I am certain the audience enjoyed every dance.

There were many dances that encompassed ancient tradition, humour, vigour, rhythmic styles, exuberance of youth, harvest, rejoice of catching fishes, happiness, dances using fan and umbrella, well dances for every celebration!. All the dances had an element of discipline as well as perfectionism. At the end of the show,  all the dancers came down the stage to where the Japanese Ambassador was seated and the Japanese Ambassador got up and danced along with them! Some of the audience too started swaying to the music. The dancers passed amidst the audience which really got the audience delighted. Later as people were leaving, many stood to take pictures with dancers who looked lovely in their traditional costumes. My husband took a picture of me with the the dancers as well. Hehehehe. I am not going to post that picture here, though.

We had a such great time. It was really nice of the Japanese Embassy to bring the Japanese traditional dance troupe ‘Kikunokai’ to showcase such a beautiful dance performance for the people of Kuwait,  as a part of the 50-20-5 celebrations.

I am sorry I haven't done justice to the pictures. In reality, the costumes were so colourful and unique.


A week has passed since I started my diet on the Golden anniversary of Kuwait's National Day. I was so excited yesterday. You want to know why? Because I lost 2 kg. I had hit 76 kg and I don't know how or why I allowed myself to reach there....and yesterday, I got on to my weighing scale after my hubby left for work and it showed 74!!! Yipeee. I am so relieved and truly happy.

My husband told me the other day.....'You must be weighing over 75 for sure'. When I posed for a photo at Marina Crescent after we watched the Naval and Marine show on 28th February, my husband said, 'You have to lose weight'. I despise people 'reminding' me to lose weight. As truthful as it may sound, truth hurts! I know I look 'fat' and I have to 'lose'. I see myself in the mirror everyday.

I rang him up at work and told him, 'Hey you know what, I lost 2 kg. I am 74'.
Then he replied, 'So you are excited?'
I said, 'Yes, I was so worried the scale might show 76'

A small achievement in one week...well for a start ! I need to plan to go out for my walks everday and on dusty days, probably walk in the Avenues Mall . I had weighed 67 kg in June 2010.

I dream of being 64...I don't know how many months that would take. I don't mind the wait and I have decided to put in the effort. I didn't miss eating all the things I usually love having. Phew! Dear God, please help me be consistent on my diet and help me to restrain myself when it comes to icecreams, pastries, cakes and the rest. Help me be motivated  to exercise without giving myself excuses.