Thursday, 17 March 2011


When we have put on additional weight, it’s perhaps time to stop and think, what and how much are we consuming that has led to the weight gain.  Are we yielding to a deeper hunger or emptiness that we are trying to satisfy through certain foods? The satisfaction in seeking comfort through food is only temporary and the end of  the day, one ends up feeling rather guilty to have consumed all those excess calories or junk food.  Food is for nourishment and our bodies deserve care and attention, not just on the outside but from the inside, by choosing foods our bodies truly need in balanced amounts. When we make food choices through awareness, we are being kind to ourselves from a creative stance to nurture ourselves. Reach out to a dietician to plan a healthy diet, or plan one yourself. Reach out to friends and family for emotional support. Start a workout regime three to five times a week. Spend your leisure time in activities that do not involve food as entertaintment. When out with friends at a restaurant, order salads or something that’s low in calories from the menu.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Everytime I make salads which are quite simple, I feel truly joyful. What a visual treat and how wonderful on the stomach! Need I mention the nutritional benefits when everyone is quite aware of how good vegetables are for us.

The picture is a simple salad I made using lots of cucumbers, carrot, yellow, orange and green bell pepper , salad leaves and boiled chicken pieces (now the chicken I optional). You could use some mint leaves for some zest if you wish.

I love the colours of  the bright vegetables like cucumber, salad leaves, the different coloured bell peppers, carrot, corn, beans, purple cabbage. The sight of assorted vegetables gives me a high! LOL. I am not a vegetarian, but I have decided to include less of meat in my diet  and lots more vegetables. I don’t add any dressing to my salad to cut down on the calories. I am fine with salt and pepper, maybe a dash of lime. That’s it. I want to relish the natural taste of  vegetables. The whole world is turning towards green and clean energy. How about going green with food?


Last week, I paid a visit to AG Mart, the newly opened hypermarket/ shopping centre in Salmiah, next to the Salmiah Palace Hotel building, near Sultan Centre.

I was quite intrigued by the wooden architecture that encompassed the interior of AG Mart. They have almost everything under one roof (electronics, clothes, toys, groceries, fresh fruits and veggies, kitchen ware, dairy, food, live baking counter,  a variety of artists' paints, stationery for school and office, gifts centre, artificial jewellery…..lots of stuff, which takes up the basement, ground and mezzanine floors. They are yet to announce the official inauguration of AG Mart. However, it is open to the public and a pleasant place to shop. I really liked their souvenir section that had a lot of interesting keep sakes of Kuwait.


Here are some pictures I took at the AUK ‘Al Kout Festival’ at the American University of Kuwait, today.

It’s a beautiful, well organized event sure to captivate the interest of everyone. The variety of traditional Kuwaiti musical programmes was quite entertainting. The traditional 'Sea Bands' will give you an insight into the music that used to be practised by seafaring people of past. Be sure to tour the entire outer premises of AUK, as there are various events going on in different areas (venues). The National Museum exhibition is in the auditorium of the Liberal Arts Bldg.. The Sadu textiles and soveniers are quite impressive. There are a variety of food stalls that will cater to everyone’s tastes. Camel ride is available for the fun loving.  There is a traditional tent set up depicting traditional Kuwaiti family. A car show with a display of old cars is quite interesting. An impressive Arabian black stallion stands close to the tent. The Al Kout festival will be on until tomorrow, Wednesday 16th March (from 12.30pm to 9.30pm) and will conclude with the thoroughly entertaining Fatoomah's concert. A must visit event!  Click Here for further details that was posted earlier, on

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Yesterday,  I got on my weighing scale, a bit apprehensive....It was day 16 of my dieting.
Voila!  I was so glad and relieved to see ‘72’ on my scale.

I pledge to faithfully stick to my low calorie diet and stay away from fattening foods and pastries. I haven’t started a consistent exercise regime. I hope to work out a plan for that as well, which is supposed to aid weight loss. But most importantly, IT IS an essential requirement for us to exercise to keep fit and healthy.

My weight loss statistics:

25.02.2011 - 76 kg
04.03.2011 - 74 kg
12.03.2011 – 72 kg

Total loss – 4 kg in 16 days

Those of you who wish to lose weight, your desire itself is a fuel to make it work. Do give it a kickstart and I promise, you will enjoy the 'journey of weight loss' and what you can accomplish. You'd be amazed!