Friday, 8 June 2012


Constructive criticism is good, especially if helps you to better yourself or make you realize your true potential. You don't have to give up your dream, or feel you are not good enough or feel guilty for no fault of your own because of someone or some people who intimidate you by hurtful criticism. Know the difference.


Torn and worn out clothes, would include not just the clothes which have actually suffered  wear and tear through time or years of using, but also clothes that some people buy from various clothing outlets, like jeans or tops that have holes in them or sport a old tattered worn out look, which is actually 'hip' and fashionable amidst young people. Jeans torn at the thighs, back, knee or just about anywhere, are not uncommon. I just happened read today that in Feng Shui, it is total 'No-No' when it comes to wearing dirty, soiled, torn or worn out clothes as they attract negative energy.

So if you go by the Feng Shui way and want to attract luck,  abundance, wealth and happiness, you might want to pay attention to what you're going to choose to wear from your wardrobe.


I am not used to seeing squirrels in Kuwait, so it is really pleasant and sometimes even exciting to see squirrels walk right past me while I was in Michigan last month. The green areas in my son's university campus has lots of squirrels moving about and it's a common sight everyday to see squirrels moving about doing their business.  While writing this post, it reminded me of my mother telling me about her pet squirrel she had while she was a teenager, who roamed about free during the day and would return to it's cage in the evening or sometimes even in between and would even ate from her hand!  I am not quite sure if I should be sharing the mother's poor pet squirrel met it's tragic end at the  hands of a cat.

Anyways, here is a photo of a lovely squirrel I captured on my camera at Niagara Falls last month.


Yesterday I attended the 'Detox and Exercise' workshop at Six Senses Spa in Hotel Missoni. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Ezequiel Ventura, who shared some really interesting information on Detox and Exercise. He explained that we need to detox to remove the toxins that accumulate in our bodies through, air, water and even the food we eat. Six Senses Spa offers a one day or four day detox program, that would include fresh fruit and vegetable juices, herb blends, massages and exercise tailored to detoxify one's system. Benefits of detox would help release toxins from the body, feel refreshed and revitalized, tone, carry out acid purification, aid evacuation, get good sleep and speed metabolism. Detox would make you feel lighter, more energetic, give you better skin and improved health. This is to be followed by a conscious lifestyle change which means healthy eating and exercising for optimum health.  He stressed on the importance of including raw food in our daily diet.

Mr. Ventura talked about the benefits and importance of physical activity which should either be 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise 5 days a week or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 times a week. He said how important it is to lose fat and gain muscle and increase muscle strength. People who are more active have lower risk to cancer, diabetes, strokes, hypertension, osteoporosis and depression which are life style diseases. And for weight loss aspirants, his advice was to eat healthy from all food groups, avoiding too much oil and sugary stuff, consume less calories, and exercise, and definitely you can lose excess weight. It's essential to include strength training, work out the whole body and don't try to lose more than 2 kg a week. Another important advice was not to fall prey for pills and diets that promises to help you lose weight fast and how dangerous liposuction can be and the best and safest way to lose weight is follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Mr. Ezequiel Ventura is a certified and well qualified personal trainer at Six Senses Spa who can guide you through a personalized exercise program suited for you to keep fit, lose weight or both. Six Senses Spa also has a number of therapeutical programs such as health, holistic, weight loss, stress relief, detox, energizing, relaxation and beauty programs you could avail of; all carried out by well trained therapists and staff.

Concact Six Senses Spa, Hotel Missoni, Salmiah at 25770077

Ezequiel Ventura

Six Senses Spa

Products by Six Senses Spa

Waiting Area prior to beauty/massage therapies

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Haven't we all come across certain people who blurt out things, without thinking...Now remember, sometimes, it done quite on purpose....Well, it's worth it if you can think before you speak, so you don't hurt others or dig a pit for yourself. Oh one more thing, don't give your word to someone or promise to do something if you are not going to bother to fulfill it.


I took these pictures near Cave of the Winds, Niagara Falls,  New York. On your way to the Cave of the Winds tour of Niagara Falls, you cannot miss the numerous seagulls that have their home a little away from the falls near the rocky area, where the water flows gently. I would advise it's best not to disturb the birds that are nesting close to where people have to tread. They are generally not frightened of humans perhaps because they are so used to seeing them everyday, but they would certainly feel disturbed or uncomfortable if we linger to observe the nesting birds too close. 

Close up of Seagull's egg

Bird on left : Hey, you better keep an eye on your egg

Bird on right : Every time I take a break, a human would appear just to stare at my egg
Bird on left: I think they're only used to chicken eggs and not seagull eggs. They get too curious
Bird on right : Time to put an end to the curiosity

Seagull to Me : Hey you...
Me: Me???
Seagull: Yeah..., you...Are you here to see the Cave of the Winds?
Me: Yes...
Seagull: You are in the wrong place, go further ahead, its right down there. 
This is strictly seagull nesting area. You are not supposed to disturb us.
Me : I wasn't trying to disturb, just taking pictures
Seagull: Oh well...hope you have a good picture of us
Me: I think I do. Thanks

Seagull: Hey little one..don't you worry, Mama's here

Feeble voice from the egg: Where did you go off too, I couldn't feel your warmth. 
Don't leave me like that...I get scared
Seagull: I won't leave you till you hatch, grow up and ready to spread your wings and fly...


Seagull to Me: Look who's behind you..
Me: Who?
Seagull: Security guard
Me: Turning around and see no one except people heading towards the falls
Me: Nice one...
Seagull: Welcome to Niagara Falls!


I can't believe an outdoor person like me, haven't left my home to enjoy the outdoors since the past 10 days, oh except on one day when I had to out of sheer necessity go to Geant to do my grocery shopping after we returned from our trip. But then, there is a reason....a good reason..... Dust storms and skyrocketing day time temperatures! Doesn't that literally keep us under house arrest?. 

People who go to work everyday and poor students who have to travel to school during dusty weather....the construction workers...can't escape the incessant  dance of dust in the air, and this fine dust would find it's way into our lungs, causing all sorts of allergies . Well you can wear a  protective mask, which  then again, many would shy away from. I know....I affects one's appearance and causes a bit of discomfort. But hey, it can help least you won't be breathing in all that dust.  You know the strange part, I see kids playing for hours in my building and have seen people walking and jogging for exercise in the parks on the worst dusty days. Does that mean ignorance is bliss or some people just don't care?.

Yesterday was the first day after a week, that I actually drew my curtains to enjoy the beautiful clear blue sky and enjoyed the sunshine that lit up my rooms. I just don't like to draw the curtains when the weather is dusty and hardly anything is visible and one can't make out the difference between sky and earth because of the dust storm.  It's a bit dusty again today.   On a dust free day,  going out during evenings is always nice as temperatures are tolerable after sunset. Dear Weather, can I look forward to a dust free weekend - a relief from forceful hibernation?


I saw these lovely decorative / gift items when I was at 'Home Goods', Michigan. The frogs and lizards which you see in the photos are  pretty with happy faces.  I think sea shells  and  aquatic animals make lovely decorative items especially if you are creative and imaginative and can think of how to arrange and place them artistically. Seashells are symbolic to peace and tranquility and if you like the ocean, beaches and sea, you might want to have some seashells in your home as a part of your decor. I have a lovely seashell photo frame from Ikea, in which I have placed a photo of my husband and myself.  If you enjoy nature or wildlife, you'd probably like animal decor. If you like art, you might like glass based decors or paintings or sculptures. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne when she was only 25. Her  coronation was held on June 2, 1953. The ongoing Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Britain, over the past several days would conclude today with a thanksgiving service at St. Paul's Cathedral, lunch at Westminster Hall, followed by a procession in a ceremonial carriage. For the past two days,  I was watching the Jubilee celebrations held in London on the internet. It was really nice. It was estimated that more than 1 million people gathered on Sunday to watch the queen’s barge lead a 1,000-boat flotilla down the river Thames.  A gala concert was held yesterday outside the Buckingham Palace with Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Dame Shirley Bassey, Sir Cliff Richard and Sir Tom Jones  along with many young artists. It's not said whether the Queen is fond of pop music or her personal preference would be Opera.   If you are not in UK presently, you can visit BBC website or check on you tube to view the celebrations or just watch BBC t.v. channel for all the latest updates got to do with the celebrations.

Official Emblem for the Diamond Jubilee celebration
Princess Elizabeth in 1951
Coronation portrait 1953

Queen Elizabeth II with husband Prince Phillip after her coronation on June 2, 1953

Rainbow over Buckingham Palace on Monday June 4

Queen attending the Jubilee concert outside Buckingham Palace

A spectator wearing hat with Queen on it.

The young royals Kate, William and Harry at the Jubilee concert Monday June 4

Concert in full swing outside Buckingham palace
Tower Bridge in London lit up as a part of  the celebrations

Floral crown at St. James Park, London

A beautiful photo of the Queen released as a part of the  Diamond Jubilee celebration of  60 years of reign



PHOTO A : Close up of Cotton candy in the making (True/False)

PHOTO B : Beautiful snow (True/False)

PHOTO C : Okay, I know you can see its a KLM aircraft and you don't have to bother guessing this photo, but photos A and B are magnificent  'CLOUDS' I captured during my travel via  KLM flight from Amsterdam to London.


Macy's is one of my favorite stores I like to visit,  while I am in the U.S. Here are some pictures from Macy's at Oakland Mall. You could spend hours there and not know time fly...if you are one of those people who enjoy looking around before you embark on buying.


Bangles and bracelets

Beaded necklaces

Cloth bags

I really liked their collection of footwear from Jambu - they looked absolutely comfortable and pretty

A young girl/lady's delight - bracelets