Saturday, 17 December 2011



Its after years that I actually picked up lots of gifts from Kuwait  for some special people in my life in India. Everyone has different tastes and sometimes while something appears as 'beautiful' to someone, it might not all be appealing to another person. While travelling, I prefer to travel light and I quite don't like to end up wondering how to fit everything into my suitcase.  But this time, it is different. I decided to buy some gifts. A lot of  time and care is spent from the inception, careful selection of gifts with much love and feeling, buying and  ultimately gifting. And then what happens? We look for that for that glow or smile on the recipient's face. Being very receptive to people's emotions and the vibes they sent out, I for one, can at once sense, if a person liked or disliked the 'gift'. Well, I do hope the lovely gifts I chose and picked up with my husband's help, bring a smile of happiness on their faces. 

In the art of are doing what you feel is important, you do it out of love or affection, perhaps as a way to thank someone for their presence or support or help.   Or it could even be for an important occasion. What ever might be the reason....gifting someone special is beautiful thing, that lets them know they hold an important place in your heart. And gifting those who are less fortunate like the needy, orphans, the poor is a great deed. 


What a beautiful and inspiring saying, don't you think?

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Ooooo,  I am travelling again...this time to India,  for a month!  Boy, do I have loads of things to do before I travel on Thursday. I will be visiting several places in India and I am quite excited about that. 

I am sorry I won't be posting regularly until after New Year. I am truly going to miss blogging for a while, but I shall make up for that with lots of interesting things to share with you after the New Year. I am going to miss all the musical events, christmas and New Year celebrations in Kuwait. Thank you all for your support and do visit my blog as there are lots of older posts you could read that are interesting, inspiring and empowering in many ways that is designed to encourage you to live a life of positivity and happiness. I shall be back in Kuwait in mid January 2012.

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Kuweight 64


 Liberation Tower,  Kuwait City


I have been posting a lot on Weight loss, healthy eating and lifestyle, since February 2011. All the  information I share is absolutely safe, based on tried and tested methods  on losing excess weight adhering to healthy nutrition and exercise;  feeding your body what it really needs,  cutting down on unwanted calories and  eliminating sugary and fat laden foods. I have always given importance to behavior modification as a means to promote and accomplish permanent healthy eating habits, a gateway to losing weight.

I am so excited....guess why? Well, at last….I managed to lose all the excess weight!!!!!.  I weighed 76 kg in February 2011. I couldn’t fit into my clothes and my weight made me uncomfortable, that’s when I decided, this can’t go on…I have to lose weight. My goal was to become 64 kg, which meant losing 12 kilos. While  trying to lose weight, I made an effort to eat from healthy food groups. After 10 months of being on a weight loss journey, I have lost 11 kg and now I weigh 65 kg. I must admit that though I used to follow a healthy low calorie diet, I wasn’t exercising regularly. So losing all the excess weight took some time.  Now  I just have one more kilo to lose and I am working towards it.

One important thing I must share with you is being on a ‘wheat free’ diet since October 2011, accelerated my weight loss. I used to have wholemeal breads and brown breads earlier and I  substituted wheat with rice and potatoes for my carbohydrate requirement.  I didn’t resort to ‘gluten free’ substitutes to wheat.  Had I exercised regularly atleast  five times a week for those 10 months, I am certain I would have achieved my goal faster and earlier. But it does not really matter, as I have lost all the excess weight and since the past two months, I have included exercising as an important part of my life.

Losing weight is something you can actually do by cutting down on calories, eliminating junk food, eating healthy wholesome foods and exercising – go jogging, walking, swimming, cycling or get a tread mill and use that. Go outdoors and get your exercise.  There are so many videos on you tube and so many exercises you can browse on the internet to help you chose exercise that best suits you.  Take a look at interesting aerobic exercises and put on some music and lose weight while you have fun. Rope in some like minded friends to join you for exercise to beat the boredom of doing it alone.  Losing weight is not a herculean task! Give yourself couple of months and you will be so surprised and delighted at what you can achieve and your family and friends would be equally shocked too!  Don't go for any fad diets or weight loss pills and potions, they don't help at all. If you want to lose weight – don’t wait until New Year…start today.

My biggest achievement during that past 10 months  – Not craving for junk food , sugary or fried stuff and I am able to say ‘No’ to bad food.  I am able to have a nice time in so many ways which certainly does not include indulging in food.  


Monday, 12 December 2011



As if an invisible hand painted the sky.... If I were a poet, I'd write a few verses in awe and admiration. (view of the sky during sunset as seen from Salmiah Park)


What is the one thing that you love that is not good for you?

For me, its sweets! But I am okay with it, I can do without it. Ever since I adopted healthy eating habits and lifestyle, I don't crave for sweets, for I know and accept the fact that  it's not good for me; once in a fortnight or once a month,  I would treat myself to a tiny portion. I am able to say 'No' when someone offers me sweets. My body does not require all that sugar or extra calories.

It's important to let go of certain things you 'love' which are not good for you when you have made up an important decision like losing excess weight. What are those things you have to eat in moderation, what are those things that you have to give up to lose weight? Giving up is not a sacrifice. It just means, you have made a decision to eat consciously and feed your body with what it requires to stay in optimum health. 


Sunday, 11 December 2011


The last lunar eclipse for this year took place on Saturday December 10. Watched by millions of people around the world, it is said to be a spectacular sight in countries and places where it was clearly visible. The moon turned copper/ red during the total eclipse.  Being unwell, I couldn’t go outside to see this beautiful view. Wondering how the eclipse would have looked like in Kuwait.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth in course of its orbit around the sun, comes between the moon and sun in such a way that the moon is hidden in the shadow cast by the earth. This can occur only when the sun, earth and moon are aligned in a straight line.

Lunar eclipse above Buddha statue, Kurunegala, Srilanka. Photo by Eranga Jayawardena / AP.  

Shortly before total lunar eclipse as seen from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Image credit Colin Chatfield


Instead of going for complicated stretches for strengthening your knee,  do this simple exercise to strengthen your knee joint and prevent arthritis.  Spend 30 seconds daily reaching for your toes while sitting straight legged on the floor. This will make your hamstrings flexible and keep your knee in top shape.


Artistic camel sculptures in wood and metal. I noticed them at Midas In Life Center complex, Shuwaikh


I came across some Christmas gifts and decorations at Centerpoint, Salmiah. They would also be available in all Centerpoint outlets.


One of the biggest negative points about laptops is how easily they would overheat. If there is obstruction or prevention of proper ventilation especially when the laptop is placed on the bed, blanket or couch, the flow of air through the laptop is blocked by the surface where it is placed, holding the hot air in. Overheating can also occur due to a clogged ventilation system in the laptop. Prolonged overheating issues can damage vital components such as the CPU, hard disk drives, graphic cards and motherboards and you would have to end up buying a new laptop

You can fry an egg on an overheated laptop! (really)

Although its called a Laptop, it advisable not to place it on your lap as far as possible;  it's not good for your thighs; placing them on your lap for a long time can cause skin discoloration on the thighs. The bottom of an overheating laptop can become so hot that it can burn the skin, even when protected by clothing. Research also states that in male laptop users, the heat from the laptop can damage the sperm count and adversely affect the male fertility. There has been recorded incidents time and again, where laptops left on for prolonged hours have caught fire due to overheating! Imagine how dangerous it is to go to sleep with the laptop beside you on the bed or couch and it gets overheated and catches fire.

laptop cooling

Laptop cooling pad

It's best to place laptops on cooling pads or cooling stand to cool your laptop and prevent overheating. You can check out the different ones available in the market that makes the least noise, while its fans work to keep your laptop cool.

Awareness of laptop hazards and simple measures to avoid them can safeguard your health and life.