Monday, 30 December 2013



I came across a beautiful New Year prayer by Helen Steiner Rice


As we drove from Kabd after the camel race, we were surprised by this herd of white camels grazing close to the highway. My husband slowed down the car so I could take some photos. My husband went, 'did you see the baby camel?'. I took out my camera and just couldn't stop clicking. The baby camel was so pretty.


Last Saturday we headed to the Camel Racing Club in Kabd. The race started at 2.3Opm. Racing camels are smaller in built and definitely lighter in weight compared to the camels you generally see grazing  in Kabd or Mutla. The racing camels have robot jockeys fastened on top. The robot contains two transmitters. The camel owners in their vehicle drive on the parallel side of the race track along with the racing camels and give vocal encouragement to their camel through their walky-talky transmitter. The other transmitter activates the robot's swirling arm, tapping the back side of the camel to motivate it to run. As they gallop, they have thick white foam that come out of their mouth. 

There is a nice viewing building with seating if you want to view the race in total comfort from a height. Or else you can go near the race track and watch the camel race in close quarters, which we did. Now these two places to view the race is near the finish line. So actually what you get to see is the ending of the race. You can see them galloping from a distance and head towards the finish line where you stand. It's a beautiful visual experience. After the race, we went into the tent next to the viewing building, where the owner of the winning camel was being photographed along with VIPs. We were served fresh butter from goat milk, dates and yoghurt drink, 'laban'. Incense was lit on table and the lovely fragrance spread through the light smoke. 

Camels races are held every Saturday at 2.3Opm and it's something anyone would enjoy including children, if you want to do something different from visiting the malls. The races should get over by 3.3Opm. Near the race grounds, there are camels you can climb on and the camel would go a few steps, and you get to experience a mini camel ride and take lots of photos. There are restrooms in the viewing building. Water, tea and arabic coffee is available near the kitchen that faces the race track. So if you want to carry some snack or food, you could do that as there are no restaurants or food available in the premises.There is no entry free or any charge to watch the race.

I couldn't find a proper map to share here. So I'll try to explain the directions.  Take the 6th ring road to Jahra, watch for exit 604 to your left to Kabd, take that exit which is a  left under the bridge to road 604. Keep going straight. Go past the 2 traffic circles, when you reach 3rd traffic circle, make a left turn and keep going straight. At the end of this road, is a T junction. There is road going to the right. Take that road to your right and keep going and you will see the Kuwait Camel Race Club building to your left, car parking and flags. The important thing is you should not miss the exit to road 604 and you should keep an eye for all the 3 traffic circles.