Friday, 26 February 2016


It has been a full month of festivities, with the annual Hala  February shopping festival, open outdoor markets, exhibitions, cultural and musical events, entertainment shows for families, and much more, culminating in the celebration of National day on 25th February and Liberation Day on  26th February with parades and airshows.

Today Kuwait celebrates the 25th anniversary of Liberation Day. Yes, it's been 25 years since Kuwait was liberated from the six month Iraqi invasion and occupation. I still remember that day filled with relief and joy as we along with hundreds of others stood cheering as the coalition forces in their vehicles paraded through Gulf road celebrating victory, the end of Gulf war and the liberation of Kuwait via Operation Desert Storm.

Wishing the people of Kuwait a very happy Liberation day.

Ahmadi Lights

Patriotic songs at 360 Mall

National Day and Liberation day theme at Hamra Tower

Farsi Kites in Kuwait flag colors

Guinness world record 2016 longest flag flown by remote control plane

Celebrate with sweets

Falcon - Kuwait's national bird, part of Ahmadi lights

Happy Liberation day

Liberation tower

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Have you been to SOMU yet? The new trendy hip place South Mubarakiya...Well if you haven't, it's a huge contrast to the traditional heritage market of Mubarakiya. Artisanal restaurants and cafes with contemporary design, with indoor as well as open air seating, great food, and walls decorated with artistic graffiti,  a place you must explore. The area isn't huge but very beautiful  indeed. South Mubarakiya reminded  me of my visit  to Yellow Springs in Ohio, a beautiful place with artisanal shops, our son took us to. I am going on a holiday in a few days, but when I return, I must visit SOMU during the day and take more pictures. Here are some hurriedly taken night photos just before my  visit to the recent Mubarakiya Expo.


Here are photos from the recently held Al Farsi Kites exhibition at the Luxury Center of Hamra Tower.

This big giant size cute smiling bear in my photo, the most important part of the exhibit  looks like an inflated balloon right?, It's actually a kite, which is usually seen decorating the sky as it flies at Bnaider during their regular kite shows on Fridays.

Al Farsi kites team will be holding an International Kites Festival from 24 February to 28 February (10 am to 5 pm) at Bnaider, road 258 with participation from 11 countries across the world. Make sure you visit way before the closing time. 


Last Friday we went to see the Contemporary Art Festival at Hamra Tower. Here are photos of the beautiful paintings that were exhibited. Being an artist myself, I enjoy attending art exhibitions and observing and appreciating the creativity and presentation of the visual language of art by gifted artists.

Monday, 22 February 2016


Last Saturday I passed by the outdoor Hits Market at 360 mall parking lot. The weather was fantastic and to browse through the many stalls selling a variety of commodities was fun, relaxing and unwinding way to spend the weekend. The market was full to the brim with vendors, small businesses and visitors. Every stall had something interesting to offer. Art and crafts areas kept children engaged in activities. There were lots of food stalls too with seating arrangements.

What caught my attention was the delicious lovely sweets in different stalls with complimentary gahwa, the soft  pashmina shawls in pastel shades with traditional Kashmiri designs and motifs, the wooden stall with big fresh colorful roses, curio stall Gypsy Soul with decorative articles, collectibles and hand crafted motivational  paintings.  I saw these tiny  tart shaped sweet decorated with dried pink rose petals from Range Doux. I don't remember what it's called, but you will notice it in the pictures below. That tasted amazing.

I picked up Chicken & Vegetable noodles from Wok Master stall for myself and Barn Burger for my husband from mobile food truck, Barn Catering. We both liked what we had. I couldn't leave without getting some sweets. So I bought a box of mamoul - date cookies with ginger and cinnamon from one of the sweet stalls.

Now for some pictures I took at Hits Market.