Saturday, 28 May 2011


Imagine if being 'Classy' and 'Fabulous' shows in your attitude and personality and your daily interactions with others, as the brilliance of one's inner beauty and integrity surpasses the outer beauty, always!


A dog nurses two liger cubs at  Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo in Weihai in east China's Shandong province

Four cubs were born to a female tiger and a male lion in Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo in eastern China. The tiger mom fed the ligers for four days then for unknown reasons abandoned them, she says. Chinese zoo workers brought in a dog to nurse them instead, but two died of weakness and two are alive and doing fine. The two cubs had trouble at first drinking milk from the dog but are now used to it.


In a world where there breeds a sense of prized self interest, it's important to open our hearts and minds to cultivate a sense of helping or giving. There are people and children who are ill or live in poverty who could do with a bit of help. It's a great blessing to have a roof over the head, a loving family, a good job, food at the table, good health and supportive friends. It's also a blessing to be living in a country free of political turmoil or environmental catastrophies. When we count our blessings, we can share a bit of it in some form or other in terms of charity. There are so many ways and means we can be charitable.  If you have time, you can volunteer with a Special Needs School or spend time with children in an orphange or old home, donate for a chid's education, or donate to cure a financially deprived peson, of an illness or give away your used clothes or other belongings which is in good condition to orphanages and old homes. If you wish to donate a sum of money to charitable organizations, make sure of their credibility and that the  organizers utilize the funds for the welfare of the deserving.

If you have the power to help someone in need, it would be a great deed to help, without thinking what we might get in return. There is an invisible universal law that is not found in the Law Books. Good thoughtful deeds have it own way of being rewarded some time or other. But that's not the point. To be able to give back to society in some form makes a huge difference in the lives of the needy. Altruism is an unselfish concern for the welfare of others. It is a generous way of expressing gratitude for all that you have been given.  However, a  word of caution, don't get fooled by false claims or taken advantage of in your goodwill and interest to help or contribute.


Your heart is like a magical kitchen. Your heart can create any amount of love not just for yourself, but for the whold world. Open your heart, open your magical kitchen and refuse to walk around the world begging for love. In your heart is all the love you need. - Don Miguel Ruiz


My husband and I visited the Mango Mania on Friday evening, the annual Mango festival at Lulu Hypermarket Qurain. Mango Mania is taking place at Lulu at Al Rai as well. Mango being an all time people's favourite fruit, Lulu Hypermarket has brought 104 varities of  mangoes from 10 different countries, for you to experience the wonderful flavours and  discover the joy of trying out new varieties of the exotic mango fruit. They also have a huge variety of healthy food, myriad of fresh herbs and produce, which I shall write about in the coming days. Right at the entrance to Lulu Hypermarket,  is a large poster that enlists 100 plus varities of mangoes and where they come from. I asked a staff, expert on mangoes, which are the 'sweet varities'. He told me, Alphonso, Priyoor, Mallika and Open Seed Mango from India; Langara and Sindhri from Pakistan; Ripe Mango and Green Sweet Mango from Thailand and mangoes from Yemen. You can always enquire about the vast variety, with the staff in the Mango section. There was this huge collection of mangoes under a 'Mango Tree' and if you can guess the right number, you could win a prize.  There are beautiful assorted mango gift hampers you could buy and gift your friends and loved ones.

That's not all...there are Mango speciality desserts like Mango Mouse Cake, Mango Pastry, Mango Swiss roll, Mango-walnut danish, Mango tart and lots more. Beside the left end of Takeaway and Live food counter, there are Mango Speciality Food like a variety of raw mango based salads like mango salad, mango & mushroom, mango & olives, Mango-mayo, Mango & Chickpeas, Mango Platter with dip. There are processed mango products as well. It's quite amazing really what they have. They also have fresh Mango juice, besides lots of other fresh juices.
Mango Mania is a must visit Event, where you can journey into a World of Mangoes for a delightful experience.

Venue: Lulu Hypermarket - Al Rai and Qurain branches
Date: 25th May to 6th June

Mango Hampers

Yes you guessed right - it's beloved Alphonso

Mango cakes and pastries

Mango Tart

Mango chick peas salad

Mango Platter with dip

Preparation of Mango Chat (an Indian Snack)

Freshly prepared Mango Chat (should be eaten immediately)
Don't miss the Mango Mania

Friday, 27 May 2011


After the wonderful, fun filled Biscuit decorating event held for children last week, CARLUCCIO's has another exciting event for adults tomorrow, Saturday May 28.


Date : Saturday May 28
Venue: CARLUCCIO'S, Avenues Mall, Level 1, Phase 1
Time : Breakfast, 9am followed by  Pasta making Demo at 10am
Price : K.D. 15 (including breakfast)

Have you wondered how fresh pasta is made? Well, here is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to make pasta at an exclusive pasta making demonstration lined up for you at CARLUCCIO'S on Saturday, May 28. You can enjoy a drink while you watch the chef make pasta dough from scratch and learn how to make different shapes including Gnocchi and Ravioli. Guests will get to taste fresh pasta with a variety of sauces and receive a good bag with essential ingredients to make delicious pasta at home! Call and reserve your seat in advance and be there before 9am as the event starts off with a sumptuous breakfast at 9am, followed by the pasta making demonstration at 10am.

Contact : 22597310 or 97270812.
Sumesh Kunjiraman, Restaurant Manager : 60906372


Normally when the moods are low, people tend to go for fast food, cakes, sweets, pastries, things that are fattening and then end up secretly feeling guilty and upset that they resorted to high calorie food. Well, do you know there are natural mood enchancing foods which will uplift your moods and make you happy, energetic,  as well as shape your physical health.

Food improves mood in two ways
1. Influencing chemicals in the brain
2. By affecting the blood sugar level to increase the amount of energy

Mood enchancing foods:
*A healthy filling breakfast is a must (cereals, brown bread, fruits, fresh juice)
Healthy carbohydrates make the brain produce a hormone serotonin that contributes towards good mood and well being.

* Diary like milk, yoghurt decrease frustration and anxiety.

* Banana, avacados, strawberries contain typtophan which are mood enhancers. Typtophans generate serotonin, a hormone associated with happiness. 

* Nuts, legumes, Sea food are rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acid. It supplies selenium, a mood enchancer which has antidepressant properties. Don't consume too many nuts as they are high in calories. 10 to 12 will suffice.

* Lean meats like chicken, turkey, a rich source of tyrosine - a mood enhancer, keep the mind focused and alert.

* Chocolate is a mood enchancer as it contains bromine and caffeine.  The true health benfits lie in bitter dark chocolate. Weight watchers exercise restraint and don't eat too many of your favourite chocolates,  as they contain high amount of sugar. A piece of dark chocolate would do sufficient good though.  Check the cover for calories.

* Plain popcorn! Yes...Popcorn can be healthy and mood boosting when it is eaten plain without the butter or melted fat. Complex carbohydrates like plain popcorn flood the brain with tryptophan, when it is not saturated with fat or protein. Tryptophan is an amino acid which contributes to a happier mood and even blocks cravings for fatty foods.

* Lentils are great sources of vitamin B, which is paramount for the improvement of brain functions and nervous system. Lentils stabilize the blood sugar that keeps one in a good mood.

* Folic acids and vitamin B found in Spinach make it a real serotonin wizard, which enhances the mood.

Mood enhancing foods help keep you in a good mood and nothing can be a substitute for good healthy food that elevates hormones like serotonin, endorphins, and other neurotransmitters. So it is important to maintain a healthy regular diet.


A mesmerizing yet pleasing floral fragrance, BEAUTY from CALVIN KLEIN evokes sophistication, glamour, and strength . The heart notes of "neo-lily" bloom with feminine beauty. Ambrette seeds enhance the scent's spicy warmth and power. The loveliness of jasmine elevates BEAUTY's floral signature, drying down to unforgettable notes of cedarwood. These layers come together to radiate a hypnotically iridescent trail. Ladies, if you like floral fragrances, you would love this fragrance. And men, if you want to get a special woman in your life a floral perfume, Calvin Klein Beauty will make her happy.
Lily, Absolute Ambrette Seeds, Jasmine, Cedarwood.



Interested in watching a good movie over the weekend on DVD? Last night, I watched this movie RABBIT HOLE starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, directed by John Cameron Mitchell. RABBIT HOLE is based on a Pulittzer Prize winning play by David Lindsay Abaire. It revolves around the life of a couple, after the untimely death of their four year old son, in an accident and how they try to cope and heal. Nicole Kidman, the fine actress that she is, gives a sterling performance and  does  total justice to the role of a mother who silently deals with the pain of her loss. Aaron Eckhart who dons the role of the husband who is equally affected by loss, gives a great performance as well. A beautiful movie to watch. Nicole Kidman was nominated for Best Actress in Academy Awards, for this role.
Nicole Kidman


There is a Knight in white armour at Juicy Couture, 360 Mall, well, as a part of their window decor
A little bit about the Medieval Knights of the Middle Ages:
The knight was one of three types of fighting men during the middle ages: Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. The medieval knight was the equivalent of the modern tank. He was covered in multiple layers of armor, and could plow through foot soldiers standing in his way. No single foot soldier or archer could stand up to any one knight. Knights were also generally the wealthiest of the three types of soldiers. A knight was armed and armored to the teeth. A suit of armor weighed between forty and sixty pounds. A knight'’s weapon was his sword, which was about thirty-two pounds. It was worn on his left side in a case fastened around his waist. A knife was worn on the knight’s right side. A lance was a long spear used in jousts. Metal axes, battle hammers, and maces were also used to defeat the enemy. Shields used by them in combat, were made of either wood or metal. Knights decorated their shields with their family emblem or crest and the family motto.

Update on June 10, 2011 : The weight of the sword is supposed to have been between 8 to 10 pounds and not thirty two as I mentioned in my original post. Thankyou Lorne for pointing out this error.  

Exhibit of an actual armour suit

Components of an Armour suit


Thursday, 26 May 2011


INTERSPORT on the 2nd floor of 360 Mall, always has an interesting variety of sports wear for men, women and children and a lot of other sports related equipments and items.

When I was there last week, I saw they have a new summer collection in sports wear and wonderful T-shirts. Whenever I visit a department store or shop, I tend to take pictures of women's wear. Well, this time, I took some pictures of men's t-shirts and sport wear. They have a Foot Analysis System which you can avail of for free. This involves a foot scan which is pressure measurement system that combines biomechanics with computer technology to provide information to help the customer select the right footwear.

When you visit their shop, ask for the form to fill in your details, so they can inform you whenever they have special offers and sales as well. Do visit Intersports to see their new summer collection, it's really nice. You might want to pick up some nice items. They have a ladies section, children's section, gym equipment and a whole lot of sports related equipment and items.

Intersports website:
Tel: 25309550