Monday, 5 August 2013



I didn't realize at first when I clicked this photo, but when I was looking for photos to post today, I chose this one, and suddenly I realized something is missing!. Look carefully at the second and third picture.  The tail is missing!!!  Wonder what happened! Taken at the children's mini farm at Bayside Market place Mall in Miami.



Have you have been struggling to lose weight and return to old eating habits because 'dieting' seems hard, tiring and boring? 

Does losing weight eventually seems like a far fetched dream? 

Do you fool yourself into saying, 'I'll diet tomorrow', so that you can 'enjoy your favorite calorie rich food' today? 

Is your food laden with fat, sugar and salt? 

Do you binge all the time? 

Do you overeat during meals? 

If you answer yes to the first question and any one of the rest of the questions,  let me assure you weight loss is definitely something you can achieve. Only on one condition, by making it easy on yourself. And how you do that?  Be good and extra loving and caring to yourself. Make that one decision you have been afraid or reluctant to make. And make that decision soon. I know it's seems hard and tough to follow through once you decide to lose weight. The easy way out is living in denial and eating all that you desire. But the not so easy part about it is suffering silently from being overweight. So many people have taken the decision to lose weight by making healthy food choices and are living testimonies today after successfully reaching their target weight, even if meant months or year(s) of sincere efforts. And that's guaranteed to change into a healthier (and happier) person.  I must admit sometimes, we are very much aware of what we eat and how much we eat. It's just that, we don't care enough to make healthy choices and let temptation and habit take over. 

If you feel you are eating in moderation and still find it hard to lose weight, make a journal and write down what you eat, is your food high in calories, are you eating and not exercising? The calories expended should be more than the calories consumed for you to lose weight. Don't compare yourself with those who eat and not put on weight, because some of us are genetically hardwired to put on weight. Yes, some of us have to eat less than our 'skinny' friends who eat more and don't put on weight. Eating less does not mean we should starve. Make healthy food choices, eat less carbohydrates and wheat based food, refrain from eating junk, and high calorie foods. You can have a small treats in moderation once a week so you don't get tempted. No matter how boring you find exercise or if you 'don't have time' for exercise, there is no better solution, except to 'make time' for exercise. 

Daily awareness of what and how much you eat will help you lose weight. 


If you visit Miami in Florida, the beaches are something you shouldn't miss. Check the weather before you visit. It's really hot during summer. Be sure to wear sunglasses and hat/cap. Carry chairs, find a shaded area or carry one of those huge umbrellas you can sit under while you enjoy the beach. Be sure to splash on sunblock or sunscreen lotion. Carry food and plenty of water. And enjoy! 

Here are some photos I took at one of the beaches in Miami.