Saturday, 3 December 2016


The British Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, Red Arrows displayed an amazing air show last Monday on 28th November near the Kuwait Towers at 3 pm and it lasted up to 3.30 pm. We reached around 2.15 pm and decided to watch the show from the beach near Lenotre and Applebees restaurants, a short distance from Kuwait Towers. The view was fantastic. 

The air show was a part of Red Arrows' overseas tour this year, covering Asia-Pacific and Middle east. White and vibrant colored smoke trails painted the sky as they flew in high and low altitudes in different formations. Red Arrows comprise of nine planes during an aerobatic show. They're renowned for displaying one of the best aerobatic shows in the world. The air show was held in cooperation with Kuwait Air Force and Navy.

Friday, 2 December 2016


Last Saturday on on 26th November, we attended FAME Co's live pastry demo, 'Pastry Live & Beyond IV, at the Dasman Ballroom in Radisson SAS hotel. The annual 'Haute Couture' demonstration event was organized by Sophie Parou, CEO of FAME - France and Middle East Company.

The art of making pastry, chocolate and baking is amazing, delectable, fulfilling and joyful affair. However there is quite a bit of science, intricate techniques and virtuosity behind the divine taste and impressive suave appearance of these pastries. The live demo was presented by three famous France accredited chefs. French Chef Benoit Visbecq specializing in restaurant desserts, petits flours, banqueting and entrements ;  French Chef Omar Addihaoui,  known for his artistic prowess  in wedding and designer cakes; UK and France accredited Kuwaiti Chef  Sadeeqa from the famed Dar Hamad Restaurant showcased French pastries and desserts with a middle eastern twist imbibing Kuwaiti flavors infusing subtle spices.

As a pastry enthusiast, I enjoyed the demo  as I watched the chefs passionately work with their adept hands creating these elegant and alluring pastries, desserts and chocolates as they explained the process of making them. 

The Dasman Hall was packed with an enthusiastic audience. The event was followed by a cocktail evening for the attendees. All the beautiful work by the three chefs were displayed outside the Dasman hall for viewing. 

The objective of the event was to introduce FAME Co products which feature food materials, varied items, ingredients, decorations, everything that is used for making pastry, baking and chocolates and much more. They provide home deliveries for orders placed. FAME Co. conducts pastry classes as well. You can click below to check out their website, facebook and instagram for their products and details