Saturday, 20 August 2011


I am getting all set for my vacation in two days and excitedly looking forward to meet my children. I am off to U.S. and then UK and will be away for almost 3 weeks.
I won't be blogging as regularly as I do. But I do hope I can find some time to post and put up some nice pictures during my vacation. Do keep visiting my blog. Would love your support!

My dear visitors and friends, you too have a great time. 

Peace, happiness and positivity,
Kuweight 64



Primitive art and tribal art designs make beautiful art work which have interesting and different stories to tell. People of Zulu are known for their beautiful and exotic traditional craft work, wood carvings, sculptures, pottery, aritificial jewellery and bead work. Zulu art comprises of strong sense of geometric designs that symbolifies peace, love and fertility. The patterns are usually related to masculinity, femininity, fertility or cattle.
I saw this nice Zulu T-shirt at Centerpoint, Salmiah.


STAR FRUIT is available in many supermarkets in Kuwait. It  has five distinct and deep ridges in its thin, waxy skin, which when cut, ends up with a star shape. The fruit is juicy, rich in vital nutrients, has an exotic taste, a nice fragrance. Star fruits has its origins in  Sri Lanka. The fresh Star fruits you find in Kuwait are from Thailand.

Dried Star fruit is delicious. They would make wonderful accompaniment in your cereal, salads, muffins. Star fruits are a wonderful source of Vitamin C. However, those suffering from kidney ailments and renal failure are advised not have star fruit.

Health benefits of Star Fruit
*Lowering cholesterol
*Prevents and treats constipation
*Treats jaundice
*Manages hangover and prickly heat in summers
*Stimulates milk in nursing mothers
*Treats sunstroke, nausea, indigestion, colds and flu
*Helpful in losing weight
*Rich in antioxidants, it contributes to overall good health.

Dried star fruits are available at Dean and Deluca, Avenues Mall.

Dried Star fruit from Thailand at Dean and Deluca, Avenues Mall


Today is the last day of the Girgian celebrations at Fanar Mall Salmiah. Activities start after 9.30pm.
I took some pictures at the Fanar Mall during their Girgian celebrations on Thursday August 18. The children's fashion show that started around 10.15pm,  was quite a success with talented and beautiful little children who did the cat walk. There were people in maqurades, masks and various interesting costumes moving around in the Mall. The music being played by the DJ was fantastic. After the fashion show, visitors at the Mall were given Girgian gifts. There was quite a delighted crowd that was excitedly collected their Girgian gifts. 


Thursday, 18 August 2011


Lanterns are found displayed in shops and retail outlet and ofcourse homes during Ramadan. Above are pictures I took of beautiful, yet antique looking lanters at a window display of a retail outlet in Avenues Mall.


Every year, my husband's office gives out Girgian candy hampers to the staff. Here is the Girgian Hamper he got.


Last week when I was DEAN and DELUCA at Avenues Mall, I realized they had a whole exciting variety of interesting sumptuous healthy foods to choose from their fresh Hot Foods Counter. If you happen to visit the Mall, do drop into Dean and Deluca and see for yourself. I bought 'OuzI' which is a delicious rice and meat dish with pinenuts wrapped and baked in thin dough covering, topped with slivered almonds.



Indonesia celebrated itt's 66th Independence Day on Wednesday August 17. The independence day is celebrated to mark the procamation of Indonesian independence on August 17, 1945 (from the colonial rule of Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese for 300 years). The independence day is also called as Hari Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia or just Hari Proklamasi.
A song titled 'Untuk Bumiku' (For my Earth) written by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was sung on Wednesday during Independence Day celebrations. "Unite, Friends, for our earth,” was the theme of the song.

Wishing all the Indonesians a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Here are some pictures of Independence Day celebrations in Indonesia


Wednesday, 17 August 2011


From the very first day of Ramadan, FANAR MALL located in Salem Mubarak Street, Salmiah, has been holding interesting programs on a daily basis. They have put up a Tent and children can have their face painted and henna done on their hands. There is traditional Oud playing. The tent activities start around 9pm every day.  What I understand is their programs vary on a daily basis.

FANAR MALL is celebrating GIRGIAN on Thursday August 18, and Girgian celebrations would also be held on Friday August 19 and Saturday August 20. There would be children's face painting, henna painting at the Tent, Girgian fashion show, traditional songs, magic show, quiz show, girgian gifts,  and other fun activities for children. It would be quite a joyous event for both parents and children. I am looking foward to it. The celebrations would begin around 9pm with different events/activities every half an hour. The children's fashion show will be at 10pm.

Do visit Fanar Mall to be a part of a beautiful celebration.

Girgian celebration: August 18, 19 and 20
Time : 9pm onwards
Contact Fanar Mall: 25720289 or 25720298

Image credit: Al Fanar Mall website



When I was at Geant hypermarket, at 360 Mall, they had this  beautiful display of huge bunches of yellow dates "khalal," hanging from the  stems. "Khalal" is the second of four main stages of dates. This wonderful fruit is highly nutritious and energizing.
The first stage is the  green "kimri" stage, followed by the "khalal" stage as shown in the pictures, then comes the soft, gooey "rutab" stage. The final stage, called "tamar," when they are firm and dark and it is in this form, dates are found in plenty in the market.. However, people in the Middle east enjoy the yellowish dates which are crisp like an apple. They actually lack the sweetness of the rutab or tamar stage of dates. Personally I prefer the rutab and tamar dates.  Dates is a wonderful fruit, highly nutritious and energizing. Make it a point to have a few dates everyday.

Here are a few pictures I took of the yellow dates  at Geant.


It's interesting to know what our sleep positions tell about us. How do you sleep? Is your sleeping position similar to any of these pictures? Well, find out what they REVEAL about you!