Friday, 4 April 2014


I took these photo at the Kuwait Riding Club when my husband was interacting with a friendly horse. My husband is an ardent animal lover.  Stroking them took them into a zen state with their eyes going all droopy!


Operation Hope - Annual Spring Yard Sale
Date : Saturday 5th April 2014
Time : 7 am to 12 pm
Location : Rumaithiya, Block, Street 92, House 23
Tel : 99375613

Kuwait Textile Arts Association - KTAA Spring Bazaar 2014
Day : Saturday 5th April 2014
Time : 10 am to 5 pm
Location : Sadu House
Sadu House phone : 2243 2395
Sadu House Location Map 

Qout Market : Don't miss the last Qout Market for this season!
Day : Saturday Saturday 5th April 2014
Time : 10 am to 7 pm
Location : Arraya Center Car Park roof top
Arraya Center location map

Remal Sand Sculpture Park presents Remal International festival
* New set of beautiful entertaining events start from every Sunday until Saturday

Opening hours : 10 am to 10 pm; events start in the evenings from 6 pm to 10 pm
Location : Remal Sand Sculpture Park beside Mishrif International Fairgrounds
Ticket : 3 KD per person

Here is the schedule of events until Saturday 5th April 2014

  Images of the ongoing events at Remal Sand Sculpture Park until Saturday 5th April
* Image credit - Remal Interational and Wataniya
Flying mad men

Sindbad and the elephants

Cobra show
KALD Carnival and Talent Show
by Kuwait Association for Learning Differences
Venue : Gate 3, American University of Kuwait, Salmiyah 
Time : 3pm to 8.30 pm
Ticket : 3 KD
KALD phone : 94427262
Location Map American University of Kuwait

KALD - Kuwait Association for Learning Differences is a Kuwait based social welfare association that works towards helping students with learning differences. Their mission is to help students with learning differences in private schools to identify and develop their capabilities and to support them academically, psychologically and socially.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


While I was Harvey Nichols two weeks back, I decided to check if they got any new fragrances from Miss Dior and did I have a pleasant surprise! Miss Dior has released a new fragrance, Blooming Bouquet which is an eau de toilette. This was released in early January this year but I just came to know of it only recently. I must say this is a truly amazing fresh floral fruity fragrance that represents spring and all things happy and beautiful. I just loved the way it smelt when I sprayed some on me. Its like a burst of beautiful smelling flowers that envelop you and uplift your mood instantly and leave you smelling great. The name Blooming Bouquet is just so apt. I liked this way better than my Miss Dior eau de perfume I had got from U.S. last year, which is very strong. 

Top note in Blooming Bouquet is citrusy Italian mandarin essence. The heart note comprises of the calm and light accords of Peony. The base note is white musk with a powdery effect. It includes Rose Damascus with fruity notes that adds to the liveliness to this beautiful fragrance. I need to try it out again to see how long it would last on my skin. I am quite particular a fragrance should last a minimum of 5 to 6 hours. 

Update 4 April 2014: Two days ago, I tried it out again and sadly it did not last more than 3 hours on me. I don't know if it would last more on others depending on their skin. Wish such an amazing smelling fragrance would have lasted longer. This was something I so wanted to buy but I had to change my mind. Test it on yourself and see if you like it and if lasts on your skin. 


When you drive through anywhere in Kuwait, you are bound to see this common sight. The Grilled Chicken. It is called Chicken Shawai? Is that right? I am not a fan of it at all. But I did enjoy photographing the ever common Grilled Chicken you see at the Arabic fast food restaurants everywhere. My husband had parked his car outside this take away restaurant and we were waiting for our order of kebabs and hommus while the worker brought out a big long skewer of several chicken to be grilled. And my camera went went click, click, click.


Two weeks ago, I was at the Grand Avenues, it was way past my lunch time, and I was famished. Since I've been trying to eat healthy, I decided to try out La Salade at the Jewelry Zone. I ordered grilled chicken breast with sauted vegetables and saffron rice. Before the order arrived, I was served assorted breads and olive paste in olive oil and chilli infused olive oil. I just loved the olive paste with the bread sticks. I couldn't help asking for more, the olive paste that is. 

My order arrived. I liked the marinade they used for the chicken breasts, it was divine. I felt the chicken would have been great if was tender and succulent.  Perhaps they could have done that if they added some yoghurt or vinegar in the marinade, to get the nice texture. I found it bit tough. The vegetables included sauted broccoli, cauliflower and carrot which could have been steamed or cooked a wee bit more. The saffron rice was just amazing. Now this order was from their a la carte menu that has plenty of healthy choices. Besides that, there is a salad buffet with a variety of sauted and steamed vegetables, fruits and healthy dressing and if you are health conscious and strict about what you have, there is lot to choose from. Marinated chicken, shrimp, and meat is available as a part of the salad buffet which will be grilled for you.

They have both outdoor and indoor seating areas. The staff was very pleasant and friendly. Their service was great.  

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


As a part of the ongoing 'Great British Week', One World Actors Centre in partnership with British Embassy and in assocation with Bayt Lothan and Q8 Books presented 'Bringing Books to Life'on Monday 31st March at Bayt Lothan.  Enchanting characters from books, dressed in beautiful costumes came to life, to the delight of both children and parents. Actors dressed as characters from Narnia staged a short play that was very entertaining. An introduction to the children's fantasy book and musical, 'Dream Dealer' by Marita Phillips and music by Harriet Petherick Bushman, was enacted by actors giving a glimpse of of what lies in store in this beautiful book which you can buy from Q Books. Children dressed in their favourite book character costumes were asked to come and join the dancers and performers on stage. I could see they had a great time dancing away to lovely music.  Alice and Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland took to stage as well to talk about their upcoming show to be staged by One World Actors Centre. 

When I entered Bayt Lothan, I couldn't help admiring books hanging from pegs everywhere. Children were asked to go through these books and if they liked it, they could buy them. 'Bringing Books to Life' was a fun filled children's event which I am sure even parents enjoyed. Now a days, children are busy reading stories on their i-pads and tablets. The  importance of reading actual books was stressed upon. Children should experience the joy of turning each page to know what's going to happen next in the stories they read. There is nothing like holding and reading an actual book. 

All of you wonderful creative and talented performers from One World Actors Centre, you did a great job and your dances were fabulous. It was a well organized and well thought of event.  I felt the number of children who attended this lovely event was far less than I expected. I wish more children would have turned up. Parents, if you come to know of such an event again, don't have second thoughts, do bring your children, for they are sure to have a fantastic time!

Encourage your children to read books from an early age. Visit Q8 Books located at  Bayt Lothan. Books are available at a very affordable fee

Now for some photos I took yesterday.