Wednesday, 2 April 2014


While I was Harvey Nichols two weeks back, I decided to check if they got any new fragrances from Miss Dior and did I have a pleasant surprise! Miss Dior has released a new fragrance, Blooming Bouquet which is an eau de toilette. This was released in early January this year but I just came to know of it only recently. I must say this is a truly amazing fresh floral fruity fragrance that represents spring and all things happy and beautiful. I just loved the way it smelt when I sprayed some on me. Its like a burst of beautiful smelling flowers that envelop you and uplift your mood instantly and leave you smelling great. The name Blooming Bouquet is just so apt. I liked this way better than my Miss Dior eau de perfume I had got from U.S. last year, which is very strong. 

Top note in Blooming Bouquet is citrusy Italian mandarin essence. The heart note comprises of the calm and light accords of Peony. The base note is white musk with a powdery effect. It includes Rose Damascus with fruity notes that adds to the liveliness to this beautiful fragrance. I need to try it out again to see how long it would last on my skin. I am quite particular a fragrance should last a minimum of 5 to 6 hours. 

Update 4 April 2014: Two days ago, I tried it out again and sadly it did not last more than 3 hours on me. I don't know if it would last more on others depending on their skin. Wish such an amazing smelling fragrance would have lasted longer. This was something I so wanted to buy but I had to change my mind. Test it on yourself and see if you like it and if lasts on your skin. 

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