Tuesday, 1 April 2014


As a part of the ongoing 'Great British Week', One World Actors Centre in partnership with British Embassy and in assocation with Bayt Lothan and Q8 Books presented 'Bringing Books to Life'on Monday 31st March at Bayt Lothan.  Enchanting characters from books, dressed in beautiful costumes came to life, to the delight of both children and parents. Actors dressed as characters from Narnia staged a short play that was very entertaining. An introduction to the children's fantasy book and musical, 'Dream Dealer' by Marita Phillips and music by Harriet Petherick Bushman, was enacted by actors giving a glimpse of of what lies in store in this beautiful book which you can buy from Q Books. Children dressed in their favourite book character costumes were asked to come and join the dancers and performers on stage. I could see they had a great time dancing away to lovely music.  Alice and Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland took to stage as well to talk about their upcoming show to be staged by One World Actors Centre. 

When I entered Bayt Lothan, I couldn't help admiring books hanging from pegs everywhere. Children were asked to go through these books and if they liked it, they could buy them. 'Bringing Books to Life' was a fun filled children's event which I am sure even parents enjoyed. Now a days, children are busy reading stories on their i-pads and tablets. The  importance of reading actual books was stressed upon. Children should experience the joy of turning each page to know what's going to happen next in the stories they read. There is nothing like holding and reading an actual book. 

All of you wonderful creative and talented performers from One World Actors Centre, you did a great job and your dances were fabulous. It was a well organized and well thought of event.  I felt the number of children who attended this lovely event was far less than I expected. I wish more children would have turned up. Parents, if you come to know of such an event again, don't have second thoughts, do bring your children, for they are sure to have a fantastic time!

Encourage your children to read books from an early age. Visit Q8 Books located at  Bayt Lothan. Books are available at a very affordable fee

Now for some photos I took yesterday.

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