Thursday, 18 July 2013


I would say it's great working, earning and getting 'rich'. But most importantly, when you count your blessings, you truly feel rich.



Girgian (prounounced as Ger-gi-yaan) is a fun filled time for children in the gulf regions. Children go around in groups wearing beautiful traditional or modern attire, singing girgian songs and filling their bags and baskets with sweets, nuts and candy given by neighbors and friends. Now a days, there are Girgian celebrations, parties and entertaining events specially for children. Malls, supermarkets and shops have started to sell beautifully decorated colorful girgian bags, boxes and baskets filled with all kinds of enticing sweets for children. Even adults become children again, celebrating Girgian along with them. I'ts a beautiful time of Ramadan. Girgian falls on the 13th day of Ramadan and lasts for 3 days. I love Girgian as it reminds me of my childhood days and the fun we had as children collecting candy from all our neighbours. I enjoy going the malls and all the famous supermarkets taking pictures of girgian decorations and candy. It's a visual treat. 

Here are some girgian gift articles I saw at City Centre


When you visit a dentist whether its for scaling, tooth filling, gum disease, root canal or tooth extraction, it's important to ask questions, especially if it's your first time. Whatever might be your age, whether you have a problem or not with your teeth, its good to visit the dentist to ensure your teeth are in perfect condition. 

Dental hygiene is of absolute importance. If you have swollen or bleeding gums, toothache, tooth decay or plaque, don't ignore it. If your oral hygiene is not good, this can affect your health. The toxins from your untreated tooth problems can affect the rest of your health, your organs, your brain, your heart, believe it or not. If you have gum disease due to plaque, a periodontist will treat you. No matter how well you brush your teeth, it's worth going for scaling of your teeth twice a year or as your dentist advises you.

At the dentist, request for your entire teeth to be been x-rayed. Once the dentist goes through the x-rays and scrutinizes for problems, you will be told what dental services you will require. Now what I want to highlight is asking your dentist questions. If he tells you, you need tooth filling or a root canal, ask him the reasons why you require it, because it's important to know what caused your tooth problem in the first place, so you can take care of the rest of your teeth and keep them healthy. If your dentist tells you that you have tooth decay and your tooth or teeth has to be extracted, ask him if he can 'save' the tooth, by removing the decayed area and inserting filling material or replace it with a crown, or perhaps he can save the tooth by doing a root canal. Extraction should be the last resort only in extreme cases. 

When you go for any of the dental services, almost all the time, you have to keep your mouth wide opened for them to perform their task. It would take time in certain cases to complete the procedures. Unless you have a natural wide mouth, it can be quite uncomfortable. Before starting the procedures, ask the doctor to explain the procedures step by step and how long it's going to take to complete it. This would you help you know, how long you have to keep your mouth opened. I know it sounds funny or weird to ask, I'll tell you why because I am getting at it. Ask the dentist to apply the gel on your mouth /lips so you don't have to suffer discomfort while you stretch your mouth wide open. Remember, the skin on the outer corners of your mouth can turn dry and could crack when stretched too much or hurt later on. That's why the application of the greasy gel is important.  If any of the procedures on your teeth are deemed as painful, ask for options like injection for numbing the pain or local anesthesia. 

It was the first time in my life, I went for tooth filling recently and I 'thought' I was fine during the procedure which took 45 minutes. When I came home I realized, the skin around my mouth was hurting as I had to stretch wide open for a long time, because the gel to avoid such a discomfort was not applied to my lips or around my mouth. I didnt even know about it.  Two days has passed and my skin around my mouth is dry and it hurts.  To continue the story, after the permanent tooth filling procedure, the dentist would ask you to bite and grit on something several times,  to ensure the filling is not sticking out and rubbing against the tooth below or above and is ensured to stay in a manner that's comfortable for you. So bite well and hard so the filling material does not stick out even slightly causing any inconvenience, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable while chewing food later on.

Tooth decay, or dental caries is caused by bacterial destruction of tooth enamel when the mouth is not properly cleansed after eating. Residues of food particles build up on the tongue, gums as well as between the teeth, providing a medium for bacteria to grow. Bacteria loves the sugar that directly from the food you eat or when the saliva breakst down the carbohydrates into sugars.  The bacteria acts upon the sugars, producing acids that attack the dental enamel. Through time, these acids break down the dental enamel that results in tooth decay.

Bacteria acting upon food residues turn into plaque, which later hardens and become difficult to remove. Dentists usually do scaling to remove this. Plaque when untreated, causes gum disease and even loss of teeth. The toxins from plaque and tooth decay travel into your stomach and cause health problems that affect vital organs and the brain eventually. Gum disease and tooth decay are leading causes of bad breath and no amount of brushing can cure that unless you get these issues treated. 

Most of us brush our teeth in the morning and at night and that's not enough. It's important to rinse your mouth after each time you've eaten something. Brush three times a day after your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and floss at night. Clean your tongue with your toothbrush after brushing. And its good to use a mouth wash as well. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I received an article in my mail this morning and I thought of sharing it with you. I haven't put up the whole article, you may visit Alisa Bowman's website to read more.

"I start every day writing in my journal. It’s a way to get out all of the bad stuff, so I’m better able to focus on the good. My journal is not a happy or blissful place. It’s a dark pit of doubts and fears.....

Most of us have a near constant stream of negative thoughts running through or minds. Some of it is directed at strangers, some at relatives and inlaws, some at friends and, yes, some at our spouses and even our children. Unless you make a practice of watching your mind–either by journaling or meditation–you might not even be aware of the toxicity you mentally lob toward others throughout your day. 

Most of us keep this nastiness to ourselves, and that’s a good thing. If we all had the ability to read one another’s minds, I would imagine that the world would become an angrier, sadder place". - Alisa Bowman

This is an excerpt from the article, "He secretly read her journal, now what?", Project : Happily Ever After  (What it takes to stay happily married by Alisa Bowman)

Visit her website Project Happily Ever After


Giolitti's interiors looks beautiful. (Grand Avenues)


A young boy refused to do his homework, and his father was trying to convince him to do it. He said to his son: "When Abe Lincoln was your age, he was studying books by the light of the fireplace." 
The son replied: "Well, when Lincoln was your age, he was President!" 


I was at Grand Avenues last week and noticed Gc watches for women. I've put up photos I took of two watches for ladies that  looked simple yet elegant. The gold is around 120 K.D and the rose gold one is around 170 K.D.

Gc brand of watches for men and women was founded by Paul Marciano in 1997. He is also the founder of the GUESS fashion and lifestyle brand. The shop I went to, didn't have all the Gc pieces. The Gc website has a beautiful collection. Click below to view.

Gc watches website 


If you are visiting Atlanta, Georgia, it's worth visiting the beautiful zoo. Here are some photos from our visit in May.