Saturday, 14 April 2012


I can't believe I have been so busy the last few days, that I have to juggle to find time to blog! I do enjoy being occupied and busy, but hey, this is hectic....hope things fall into a normal pace and I can blog comfortably. Do you find yourself so busy at times, that certain things you enjoy, just have to take a back seat? Well, I tell myself it's a temporary situation...

Friday, 13 April 2012




Perhaps since I am a Nicolas Cage fan, I did enjoy the movie Trespass, which is a 2011 American psychological thriller. With big stars like Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman in the lead roles in the movie, one would expect it to turn out to be a big success. However, it was a box office disaster in the U.S. The story is okay, as long you don't question the script, intelligence, and workings of the extortionists who take the rich married couple hostage, especially two of the extortionist brothers who are led by emotions and conflicting issues that weigh down on them. The movie could have been made better, is what one ends up thinking, especially in certain places where it drags. It's like having all the right ingredients (big stars and nice setting) but the food did'nt taste awesome because it wasn't prepared right. Anyways, on the whole it is entertaining with it's moments of suspense, action and drama. The first half of the movie is better than the second half. Trespass is directed by Joel Schumacher. Oh the plot...I almost forgot,, Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman dons the roles of a rich but not a very contented couple. They have a teenage daughter who sneaks away to attend a party prohibited by her parents before the masked thugs arrive.  Nicolas Cage, unsuspectingly allows into his house, a bunch of extortionists who are after diamonds they believe he has securely kept in the safe. Now does he have the diamonds,  what is the fate of the married couple and their daughter when the the extortionists don't get what they want?. Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman, the gifted actors they are,  gave a wonderful performance. 


Are you trying to lose weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating right? Then you should know that there are foods you ought to stay away from and your body would be healthier without them. Let's see what they are:

1. Biscuits, wafers and candies from Supermarket - They are high in trans fat and sugar. They contain preservatives and calories your body certainly does not require. Bake your own cookies or biscuits once in a way. 

2. Artificial Juices : Just think - if you were to prepare fresh juice from fruits like orange, apple, banana, grapes, and so on, how long do you think it will last without spoiling. Not for long right? Some fresh fruit juices won't remain fresh for more than a day in the fridge. Once you make fresh fruit juice, you would have it almost immediately right? All those artificial juices on the supermarket shelves of different brands and flavors, some even claiming 'pure' this or that juice, in attractive packages, can last for several months to a year, because they contain lots of preservatives and additives, which are chemicals. They also contain  high fructose corn syrup. They are bad for your health. Stick to fresh fruit juices, milk and water.

3. Canned foods (fish, soups, meat) - They are processed and contain high sodium and lots of preservatives and don't have much nutritive value. They are bad for the heart. Try to have freshly made soups, make soup at home. Buy fresh fish / meat and cook up some nice meal.

4. White flour products - White flour or All purpose Flour is bleached, treated chemically and does not contain any nutrients. Breads, pasta, cereals, cakes, muffins, pizzas made with white flour contribute to weight gain, bloating, strain on the digestive system, negative effect on the blood sugar. 

5. Carbonated drinks/ coke/ Soda - Do you know they contain highly acidic sugar water which is carbonated with artificial sweeteners that is detrimental to health. 

6. Fried / Junk Foods - French fries, burgers, or any junk food is loaded with calories and fat. Your body does not need any fried or junk food to survive. In fact it will only give temporary pleasure to the tongue and senses but later to lead to bad cholestrol levels and illness.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012



Where stand tall trees,
Adorned with plenty of branches and leaves,
There dwell  birds - some rare and pretty
You can hear them sing and chirp...
Quiet and patient, if you wait,
They become visible
For you to see them
A sign of grace or blessing or luck would it be?
Only to fly away and leave you in awe of their beauty. 

I really love this photo of this beautiful bird, I took at Ahmadi.  I adore birds and nature which  brought out a bit of poetry lying dormant in me, just as I was preparing to post this picture in my blog. 


Pure White Linen (left), Pure White Linen Light Breeze (center), Pure White Linen Pink Coral (right)

Pure White Linen  is a fresh and pure fruity floral summer fragrance, from Estee Lauder with top notes containing Italian Mandarin, Cool Fresh Air Accord, Raspberry Dewy Greens, White Freesia. Middle Notes have Red Tulip, Rose Absolute, Wild Honeysuckle, Gardenia Petals. Base Notes consists of White Cedarwood, Patchouli,White Heliotrope

Pure White Linen Light Breeze is a vibrant and fresh, citrus floral fragrance. Top Notes contain Darjeeling Tea Accord, Italian Bergamot, Orange Zest, White Grapefruit, Watery Kumquat. Middle Notes comprise of Osmanthus, Linden Flowers, Neroli Petals, Centifolia Rose,Yellow Freesia. Base Notes have Cedarwood, Teak Wood, Soft Skin Accord, Acacia Honey.

Pure White Linen Pink Coral is refreshing, feminine, light, slightly sweet floral summer fragrance. Top notes are Chinese berries, apple blossom and pink pepper. The middle notes is composed of seductive jasmine, cherry blossom, pink peony and the base notes include sandalwood, vanilla and heliotrope.

Pure White Linen is the market for a while, but they are quite lovely. Try them all out and see which fragrance you like and suits you.


AKIRA is a 1988 Japanese animation action film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. Akira fan Shinji Tejima from Fukuoka, Japan spent $121,000 to build a super duper bike, a flawless replica of the animated character Shotaro Kaneda’s motorbike from the film. It took Shinji Tejima 7 years to build it and it is officially approved by the Akira's creator Katsuhiro Otomo! Akira, the animation film was a hugely popular cult film and is considered to be a huge landmark in Japanese animation.

Shinji Tejima drove Akira bike across Japan in order to raise money for the Bokura Company, a charity support group for children with autism. The bike is currently at Katsuhiro Otomo Genga Exhibition in Tokyo until May 30. Fans will be delighted to sit on the bike and have photographs taken.


Summer has arrived and this means perspiration when you are outdoors. No perfumes and deodorants can prevent body odor. It's important to take a daily shower, but sometimes besides all the hygiene one would observe, some people end up being disappointed about body odor that would tend to develop during the day. 

Our bodies sweat in order to regulate the body temperature at 37 degrees. Our nervous system sends strong messages when we are nervous or excited, which makes the sweat glands produce a lot of moisture. We also sweat when we are out in the heat or when we exercise. And that's unavoidable.  Interestingly, sweat is actually an odorless liquid produced by the sweat glands in different parts of our bodies, like the armpit, feet, hands, chest, face, legs and genitals. The odor is produced when sweat comes in contact with bacteria on the skin surface. 

Try to consume less of garlic, onions and ginger and spices which are body odor contributors. Hormones in meat and diary also contribute to body odor. Zinc is a miracle mineral. Researchers in UK have found out that 30 mg of zinc (via supplement or food) will help defeat body odor, boost your immunity, it's good for your eyesight, fights hair fall, improves the quality and texture of your hair and skin and even lessens PMS symptoms in women. Would you believe 6 oysters provide 76 mg of zinc at once!

Here is a list of foods that contain zinc and include the ones you like in your diet and experience better health and keep body odor at bay.

* Chicken
* Turkey
* Salmon
* Sesame seeds
* Almonds
* Peanuts
* Pumpkin seeds
* Cashew nuts
* Pine nuts
* Sunflower seeds
* Shell fish (crab, lobster, clam, mussels)

Tips to fight body odor :
* Use antibacterial soap for armpits during shower
* Shave your armpits to reduce build up of bacteria
* Try to wear cottons and linens during summer to help the sweat evaporate
* Avoid coke, consume less coffee (stick to one cup a day), eat less chocolates.
* Change your clothes in case of excessive sweating. 
* Clothes begin to smell, and continue to give a foul odor after they are dry, even if  you just wore them once but sweated in them. Don't wear the clothes you sweated in, till they are washed. 
* Consume supplements or food containing zinc
* Shower after exercise / gym
* Try to consume least amount of garlic, onion, ginger and spices
*Use a non alcohol based and aluminium free antiperspirant deodorant (aluminium in antiperspirant deodorants have been suspected to promote breast cancer tissue and alzheimers)
* Visit a doctor if after all the hygiene and care, you sweat excessively and there is persistent body odor to rule out any medical cause.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Don't desire for things that will destroy you.



Camel Sculpture - Taken at Abu Dhabi International Airport


The New York International Auto show 2012 at Jacob Javits convention center 11th ave., started on April 6 and will continue till April 15, showcasing and highlighting an extensive collection of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the world. Visitors get to enjoy four floors of displays and about 1,000 amazing vehicles for 2012/2013, including sensational futuristic concept cars and new vehicles.

Car of the Year - Mercedez Benz 250 CDI 2 Green Car, at New York International Auto Show 2012 

Bentley Mulsanne

Lamborghini Aventador

Chrysler 2013 SRT Viper

Mercedez Benz electric drive smart car 2013

Audi R8 GT Spyder

BMW Spyder Concept

Bugatti Veyron 

Fisker Karma

Lotus Evora GT 4

Mazda Takeri concept

McLaren MP4-12C

Mercedez Benz SL63 AMG

Mercedez Benz SLS AMG

Nissar GT-R

Rolls Royce Rover Evoque


Spyker C8 Laviolette SWB

Lincoln MKZ 2013

World's first Mustang Shelby Cobra

Terrafuggia transition flying car

Lexus LFA
To view the amazing display of cars in various categories (concept cars, newly revealed cars, alternative fuel cars, NY debuts and so on), visit New York International Motor Show website