Saturday, 23 April 2011


When I eat, it's a spiritual activity. It used to be entertainment and emotional salve. Now I know that I am taking in life energy, and that it's giving me the same in return. Food is precious and I take it very seriously. Now every time I eat, I thank God for the physical and spiritual nourishment I am about to receive. Eating is a deeply symbolic  act of receiving God's grace into my body. I do not want to dishonour this divine gift, so I never eat too much or without thought, anymore.
 - Norris Chumley, Weight Loss Expert, Joy of Weight Loss


After the blog on Earth Day celebrations at Discovery Mall, I thought of writing separately on some of the interesting things at the  DISCOVERY MALL. This is a mall specially for children where they can have really have a fun time. Computer games, Mini Golf court, Kids clothes shops, Baroue, stationary shop, Pet shop and a big food court . For adults and older children, there is a Bowling centre, Flight Simulator in the basement and for ladies there is a Weight loss centre for women called 'Curves' ! Make some plans to go explore the Mall !

Discovery Mall

Parrot at Pet shop

A variety of fishes are seen at the Pet Shop

Isn't this a cute rabbit (Pet Shop)

A rabbit doesnot have to worry about calories!


A weight loss centre for Women
To know more about Curves, visit
Tel :     229-13630 
Flight Simulation Center for your virtual adventure

A Mini Golf court for children

Mini Golf court for children

Discovery Mall is near the Skating Rink,
For location see map :
Soor Street, Kuwait

Friday, 22 April 2011


Kuwait Earth Day is being celebrated at Discovery Mall. I went there with my husband this evening and we had a nice time. There were stalls set up with establishments and individuals promoting green concept services and awareness about protecting our environment in different ways. There were art and craft activities for children and they seemed to be really enjoying their time painting on different mediums. There were lots of crafts made of wood which children could paint. I wished I was kid and could sit along with the children and paint too! There were flower vases and pen holders and decorative items made with old magazine pages. The Kuwait Earth Day exhibition is on until Saturday 23rd April. Visit the exhibition with your children and have a great time.  It's important to protect our environment and create an awareness among the young children too. I took some pics at the exhibition. Hope you enjoy them. 

Discovery Mall

Discovery Mall Entrance

A huge collection of plastic bottles that is a burden to our environment

Two happy children with rabbit they bought from Pet shop

Children having a great time with different art work

Wooden crafts for painting

Children having fun colouring

Chair, Pen holder, flower vase from old magazine pages

'Swan' made with old magazine pages

Wooden craft for chidlren that can be painted 
Various 'Green concept' stalls

Two happy children with a rabbit they bought from Pet shop

Cloth bag for painting - A cute gift for Mom!

Bird houses for painting

Stall selling wooden craft, cloth bags and lots of things for children to paint

What a creative art, a pen holder with old magazine pages and Carnation made with paper

Terracota pots for plants

A beautiful assortment of flower  and vegetable seeds 

Adopt a Tree!

Discovery Mall is near the Skating Rink,
For location see map :

Soor Street, Kuwait


I picked up some really good fresh shrimps from Sultan Center Salmiah yesterday. If you plan on dropping into Sultan Center, and you like sea food, do ask or look for fresh Saudi shrimps. I bought them for K.D. 2.690 per kilo. 


Yesterday at Sultan Center in Salmiah, I noticed, they have a variety of  lovely chocolate easter eggs and all of them, I must say look quite inviting. Check them out if you have plans to drop in to Sultan Center in Salmiah. I am sure, TSC will have easter eggs in all their other branches.
I am (well.... was) an ardent chocolate fan. With my weight loss regime, I can't have chocolate easter eggs (for my own good, LOL). Instead,  I can boil a few chicken eggs and paint them and eat healthy too. Painting eggs would be fun for children and adults alike. 
Chocolate lovers and children can enjoy the wonderful variety of chocolate easter eggs at Sultan Center. Upstairs on the 1st floor, they have easter greeting cards, and special children's toys for easter.

Consume chocolates in moderation and the enjoy the festivity!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011




Have you wondered why people lie? I haven't given it much thought lately, until I saw this quite an interesting looking book 'THE LIAR IN YOUR LIFE' by Robert Feldman, at Virgin Mega Stores in Marina Mall. I am really curious to read it. 

Virgin Mega Stores has a beautiful and elaborate English book section for adults and children.