Saturday, 1 September 2012



These photos were taken at West Midlands Safari Park (near Birmingham, UK)


To most of us pasta means dinner. But Russia based artist Sergei Pakhomov uses pasta  to create miniature sculptures of vehicles.  Pakhomov uses variations of pasta, from spaghetti to lasagne and rigatoni. He has a collection of over 30 miniature pasta models that range from cars to helicopters. 

He keeps the miniature pasta sculptures at his home. They are stored at a certain temperature and humidity so that they can last.
Sergei Pakhomov


One the things that gives a great sense of joy is random act of kindness to the doer and the one who is the recipient of that kindness. I'll share a small story with you on a small random act of kindess. A husband bought three packets of cream filled biscuits to take home to give a small surprise to his wife. She loves biscuits. When he came home, he had only one packet of biscuit which he gave his wife. She was so happy to see a packet of her favourite cream biscuit.

Husband : Actually I had bought three packets
Wife : Where are the other two?
Husband : I gave them away
Wife : To whom, for what?
Husband : I went to the gas station and there were these poor guys who are working in the hot sun and I gave them the other two packets. I know it was nothing - just biscuits. But they were so happy. They had this smile on their faces.
Wife : Oh...

Though she thought of it as a little silly at first, the wife realized the effect the little random act of kindness had on her husband and the men who stood for hours in the heat. Her husband had made two people happy. In fact she remembered the small as well as great acts of kindness that people had done for her. 

What are the random acts of kindness that you have done that was helpful or useful or even brought a smile on the other person's face?. Has anyone done a random act of kindness for you? Were you deeply touched by that act? It's not difficult to be kind. Sometimes a small act kindness can greatly help someone in need or touch their lives in a beautiful way.

Friday, 31 August 2012


It's possible to put lots of energy into something yet it seems like nothing is happening. Actually your energy is producing change from the start. It's like heating ice to boil water.


The beautiful smell of freshly baked Pita bread is amazing.


Today is special day. You will see a blue moon at night - a rare cosmic and astronomical experience. Well actually, the color of the moon will not be blue. The moon would look pretty much the same as it usually does. When two full moons occur in a month, the second one is referred to as a 'Blue Moon!'.The first full moon was on August 2, and second full moon of the month will be seen this evening - August 31. Usually a full moon occurs every 29.5 days and so we have only one full moon every month.  When people say "once in a blue moon" they are speaking of  the rarity of an event. Don't miss the blue moon today, as the next one will only occur on July 31, 2015. Take a photo and share it with your friends, in celebration of the Blue Moon day.

On the superstitious front, it's believed that the full moon's energy has special powers, and one could wish for their dreams and aspirations to come true.


We are constantly surrounded by food - at home, at the office canteen, supermarkets, food courts, restaurants, advertisements on television,  colorful and attractive larger than life images of tantalizing food posters. So how do we manouver through all this and reach our goal, how can we become successful at losing weight?.

Firstly, you have to identify the triggers. What causes food temptation attacks and pay attention to what goes on in your mind that makes you yield to those attacks as if under a mean magic spell. There is a set pattern stored in your system which sends out signals whether you are in close proximity to food or not. Something inside of you directs your every move got to do with food. What is it? It's called habit. We repeatedly do the same thing over and over again, because that's what our brains have been hardwired to do. So when you make up your mind to do the contrary, like eating less, staying away from fatty and sugary foods, your new decision will be rejected by body and it will 'demand aggressively' what it was used to being fed with. The same goes if you are habituated to eat more under stress.

When you don't give in those moments of low and emotional cravings and continue your weight loss journey for 21 days, you are sure to form a new habit. One of the important things to do is engage your self in anything other than giving into those powerful temptations. Phone a friend, go out for a walk, read. Go on the internet and read weight loss success articles on people who managed to lose a lot of weight. Look at their before and after weight loss photos everday; yes everyday, like a ritual. When you do that, you will realize, if they can do it, so can you. Start a weight loss journal. Write down your feelings as soon as you get tempted as "Triggers and Feelings". Right beneath that, write down your plan of action to overcome those triggers and feelings; mention all the positive things or ideas you have on losing weight for that day. It will help you not to succumb to those flary food desires. Make a food chart in your journal. By doing so, you are actually letting go of old food habits and embracing new ones by re-programming your mind and body. List all the fatty, sugary and junk food that you need to avoid on the left side of the chart in red under the title "Illness and Unhappiness". On the right side, list out all the healthy foods you need to eat in blue titled 'Health, Happiness and Vitality".

Within 21 days of staying clear of your cravings, your body would have accepted the new healthy food choices by then. You would'nt be craving for all those foods that made you gain weight in the first place. You begin to feel lighter, happier, totally in control, and absolutely healthier. You would have lost weight in these 21 days as well. You will begin to find new courage to say 'No' to foods that would sabotage your weight loss journey. In the ocean of food around us, confidently manouver your way to success.

Thursday, 30 August 2012




I am always fascinated by unique window decors. The ideas people behind window decors come up with can be quite interesting - quite a work of art. Here is window decor at 360 mall titled Strokes of Brilliance!


When I dropped into Athlete's Foot at Marina Mall the other day, I noticed their new collection of women sports shoes and sandals is quite nice. Here are some pictures of their new arrivals.


Dragon fruit tree is a flowering cactus. The flower of the tree is huge, bell shapped and extremely fragrant. The flower is  yellowish-white in color and approximately 12 inches in length and 9 inches in width, more than twice the size of a woman's hand. The flowers open in the evening and  wilt by daybreak. Dragon fruit looks unique compared to any other fruit, with it's vibrant pink to red rind with green scales. The edible part is either white or red, with numerous tiny black seeds. The fruit is sweet and juicy. Dragon fruit is grown commercially in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. It's a native fruit to Mexico, Central and South America.

If you haven't eaten dragon fruit, try it out, and include it in your diet whenever you can. Let's take a look at the wonderful health benefit of dragon fruit :

* I'ts high in antioxidants.
* Extremely high in vitamin C which aids in healing wounds and bruises fast.
* Improves your immune system.
*The dragon fruit has amazing moisturizing capability making the skin smooth and improves  it's  appearance .
* Helps lower cholesterol levels and normalizes hypertension.
* Frequenty having dragon fruit can help combat asthma and cough.
* It's a source of great energy
* Helps in metabolizing carbohydrates.
* Rich in phosphorus and calcium, dragon fruit keep our bones and teeth healthy.
* Helps in cell development.
* Regular consumption of dragon fruit helps to lose weight signficantly.
* helpful in bringing down blood sugar levels in type II diabetes.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


This is dedicated to my husband, who is always on an unquenchable desire to learn new things and can spend hours, days and months doing self study on things that interest him, purely out of curiosity of how things work or how to make them work. I don't know where he finds the motivation, but I admire his passion and how constructively he spends his time.



These photos were taken at the Acquarium, West Midlands Safari, near Birmingham


"Onam" is the biggest harvest festival of Kerala, the beautiful picturesque state located in south west of India. Onam Festival falls between August and September and celebrates the homecoming of legendary King Mahabali whose kingdom and reign was based on virtues, honesty and equality of mankind. Onam festival lasts for ten days, with "Tiru-onam" being the main day for celebration, which is today. The festival brings out the best of Kerala culture and tradition. Floral carpet decorations called "Pookalam" using real petals are done in the porch or right outside in the main entrance of house. A traditional feast called Ona-sadya with 11essential to 26 traditional dishes are served on large banana leaf. On the cultural front, breath taking Snake Boat Race, elaborate floats and processions, exotic dances called Kai-kotti-kali, katha-kali, ottam-thullal, traditional musical events like chenda mela (drums), stage plays, sport events, Tiger Dance with men painted to look like tigers, are some of the beautiful features of Onam. People wear new clothes during Onam. It's a celebration of joy, love, togetherness and a time to offer gratitude for the bounties and blessings bestowed by Providence and a reminder to tread the path of good.

Wishing everyone out there who is observing this wonderful festival, a  happy and beautiful Onam !

Legendary King Mahabali

Atha-pookalam (Floral designs created using colorful petals of different flowers)

Ona Sadya (the traditional Onam lunch - a delightful  feast, served on banana leaf)

Katha-Kali (dance drama with elaborate costume that depicts mythological stories)

Ottam Thullal - a folk dance of Kerala

Kai Kotti Kali (a traditional Onam dance)

Puli Kalli (Tiger Dance - men painted to look like Tigers)

Snake Boat race during Onam

Chena Melam (drums festival)

Uri Adi (trying to break a pot filled with water dangling, usually done blind folded)

Decorative Lights in Trivandrum city during Onam