Sunday, 26 August 2012


What is it that you enjoy most about summer?  I enjoy the summer months - well the beginning and end of summer to be precise. During the peak of summer, it can get really hot, when temperatures are soaring.  Early morning, late afternoons and evenings are the best part of a summer day.

It's so comfortable to dress light during summer. No sweaters, no jackets!  Do you tend to wear colorful clothes or light colored clothes during summer? The bright yet cheerful colors like orange, yellow, pink and reds are in vogue right now and women tend to look so beautiful in them. How about white, light pista green, shades of beige or mauve or light blue, don't they look fabulous too?

We tend to drink a lot of liquid during summer. It's best if aerated drinks, soda, and artificial juices or juices from supermarket shelves are avoided. They contain too much sugar. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, that's the best you can do for your body when you're thirsty. Make your own juices and keep in the fridge for 2 days like water melon, pineapple, mango without adding any sugar. Have freshly made pomegranate or orange juice or fruit based natural home made smoothies. They give you amazing nourishment. Oh..and eat light..don't consume too much of fat, salt and sugar.

Summer offers the opportunity to be outdoors and there are so many things you could do on your own, or with your friends and family. Be sure to apply sunscreen if you are out in the sun and wear your cap/hat and sunglasses. Harsh sun is bad for your skin. It might give you a tan, but can do a whole lot of damage.

Things you can do before summer ends....

* Enjoy your time at the beach or swimming pool
* Experiment and create home made juices from the seasonal fruits available. Serve them to your family and friends and watch them ask for more.
* Try out new shades of clothes - bright colors, light colors, which you don't already have.
* Go for long walks or jogging early morning or late afternoons.
* Watch sunrise and or sunset
* Enjoy the sunlight that comes into your house and brightens up your rooms, let it brighten your mood and your day.
* Try losing weight, eat less, eat light you tend to lose faster and easier during summer than in any other seasons of the year. Exercising in the summer makes you sweat more releasing all the toxins and water retention, that will make you appear healthier and slimmer.
* Sit outside in your porch or balcony and paint, knit or do some creative art
* Go camping
* Try your hand at creating low calorie healthy salads. There are numerous recipes on the internet.
* Take more outdoor photographs. Choose beautiful natural locations and surroundings and bring out the artist in you.
* Trekking is fun...want to try that before summer ends?
* Choose  beautiful outdoor locations and go for picnics
* Treat yourself at a Spa. Go for relaxing or rejuvenating massages
* Go on a one week detox diet to flush out all the toxins
* Read a good book
* Get a new hair cut / hair style and look different this summer
* Try Gardening, it's fun. Plant seeds and watch them grow into beautiful plants

Enjoy your summer.....

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