Tuesday, 28 August 2012


photo taken at Stratford Upon Avon

I was going through some photos I had taken during my trip to UK. The photo of a garden shaped like a maze came to my attention. And I thought, isn't our life like as if we are put in a maze. The journey through the maze to the finish line is not the same for all. It's longer for some, shorter for the rest and the experiences hugely vary making it quite unique for each person. You would have guides, family, companions, friends and strangers whom you travel with or meet as you travel through the maze. There are times, when you will be totally on your own. People choose different direction and pathways in the maze based on their instincts, values, beliefs and the choices they make, all in good faith that the journey through the maze would be a happy one. However, on your journey, you will come across many challenges and obstacles. And from somewhere within you, from an unseen reservoir within, you find the strength and courage to face them or cross them and move on. You might reach closed doors where you have to knock and wait for it to open, or even push slightly to make your way. You would meet guides or signs to show you the right way at certain utterly confusing parts of the maze. They were sent because you asked for help.

When you feel you are getting good at finding your way through the maze, you are shocked to reach a dead end. When you feel lost,  in the midst of your agony or frustration, comes wisdom that lightens your path and you try out fearlessly another direction you never thought of before. Time and again, there is happiness and celebration when the paths seem easy. As you move along, and you have treaded and made your way through both darkness and light, you realize there is nothing to fear. When you look back, you know that you have covered a great distance and the journey continues. The exit door of the maze does not matter anymore. What matters is the journey through the maze itself. Fear and doubt are defeated by the great power of resilience, patience, inner strength,  faith and wisdom that you have discovered within you. And you know you can count on the miracles and blessings of the universe. Life is truly a-maze-ing!


Qwel-Susz said...

I absolutely loved reading this, it is such a beautiful view on our life and our journey through it. Thank you

KUWEIGHT64 said...

Welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post!