Thursday, 30 August 2012


Dragon fruit tree is a flowering cactus. The flower of the tree is huge, bell shapped and extremely fragrant. The flower is  yellowish-white in color and approximately 12 inches in length and 9 inches in width, more than twice the size of a woman's hand. The flowers open in the evening and  wilt by daybreak. Dragon fruit looks unique compared to any other fruit, with it's vibrant pink to red rind with green scales. The edible part is either white or red, with numerous tiny black seeds. The fruit is sweet and juicy. Dragon fruit is grown commercially in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. It's a native fruit to Mexico, Central and South America.

If you haven't eaten dragon fruit, try it out, and include it in your diet whenever you can. Let's take a look at the wonderful health benefit of dragon fruit :

* I'ts high in antioxidants.
* Extremely high in vitamin C which aids in healing wounds and bruises fast.
* Improves your immune system.
*The dragon fruit has amazing moisturizing capability making the skin smooth and improves  it's  appearance .
* Helps lower cholesterol levels and normalizes hypertension.
* Frequenty having dragon fruit can help combat asthma and cough.
* It's a source of great energy
* Helps in metabolizing carbohydrates.
* Rich in phosphorus and calcium, dragon fruit keep our bones and teeth healthy.
* Helps in cell development.
* Regular consumption of dragon fruit helps to lose weight signficantly.
* helpful in bringing down blood sugar levels in type II diabetes.

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