Thursday, 21 November 2013


Is there someone very dear or special in your life, a friend, a relative, with whom you feel your relationship has strained or the person has turned very difficult or hard to understand?.

In reality, difficult people suffer from deep rooted issues and it's really not about you. They tend to cling on to every single negative thing about people and situations in the past and present. The invisible veil of injustice they experienced and the baggage of negativity and pain they carry prevent them from experiencing true happiness. Sometimes their sense of self righteousness creates a hard shell around them and they can criticize with harshness.  At times, it's difficult for them to distinguish others' good intent from ill intent. They are quick to find fault and initiate confrontation. They can turn aggressive at the slightest feeling of emotional threat. Sometimes, they distance themselves from people who love and care for them. They perceive the world differently, no matter how sincere you are in your efforts to be a part of their lives. They are so absorbed in focusing on everything that's wrong, not justified, that it's always everyone else's fault.  They feel a constant need to control so they get treated 'right' and don't get hurt. It can be very trying, sad  and painful to deal with a much loved friend, relative or co-worker who is difficult. As much as it's hard dealing with them, remember, it's hard for them too as they are suffering as well and might need their space to sort things out. If they were to realize to make peace with their issues, leave the baggage which is not helping in any way and move on, they can experience a special sort of emotional freedom and happiness like never before. 

The only thing you can do is try to have a heart to heart conversation and see if you can help or just listen to 'what's truly affecting this person' and assure the person of your love and support.  If that is not possible, send love and positive thoughts their way and not let negativity and criticism let you down. 

You cannot control people around you or their response to you. Not everyone is going to like you or consider everything you do as 'right', 'helpful' or 'wonderful'. The important thing is you realize your own worth and make sure you are doing your best, even if the best may be insignificant or unimportant to some. Everything good you sow will reap a miraculous harvest at some point of time. 



The weather is beautiful at this time. Last Saturday morning, we went to Shuwaikh Bay during high tide and saw beautiful flamingos. They keep quite a distance from the shore. They were over a hundred and it's nice to see so many flamingos at one time, all spread in a horizontal line across the waters. There were egrets, seagulls and three other variety of birds whose name I don't know.