Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Balloonyland's UNIQUE festival is an event I like to visit every year. After the parade and floats at Hala Febrayer carnival on Friday, we headed to Tilal Complex parking where the UNIQUE festival was. They had quaint stalls with flowers, food, clothing, confectionary, children's arts and crafts corner and restaurants. A stage was set up for international shows and magic show.  I missed the balloon sculpture. UNIQUE festival is something the whole family would enjoy.  It was a two day event held on Friday and Saturday.

Here are some photos I took at the event.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Two weeks ago, on a Friday, we were at the Sharq Market beach (Sharq mall). The sky was grey and dreary; it didn't appear we could capture a proper sunset. I am absolutely in love with sunsets. My husband said,  'looks like the sky isn't very kind today'. So we just sat on one the benches gazing at the calm waters, the boats passing by, people picnicking, small children running around, their little joy filled voices like an orchestra in the cold air,  cats and kittens making rounds hoping they would too would get a share of picnic delicacies from kind hearted people.

And then as if to surprise us with a beautiful visual treat,  the canvas in the sky just flipped from dreary to an amazing design of clouds painted with an invisible paintbrush and a beautiful glowing sunset amid them. I said to my husband, 'may be the sky heard you and decided to be kind after all'. It was thrilling to see the colors in the sky change every minute as the sun began to set. The beautiful sun glowed in gorgeous orange looking almost like planet Saturn with a ring around it. My husband said, 'you know that's not Saturn'. I couldn't put my camera down. I kept holding on to my camera clicking away.  I didn't want to miss a single scene where the colors of the sun and sky kept changing every minute until the sun set in the horizon.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Winter Land  is a nice outdoor carnival for families to have a great time during this fabulous weather. Winter Land carnival is hosted by the Public Authority for Sport and is located in Mishrif near Australian College of Kuwait. The carnival started on 24th January and will continue till 1st March, daily from 10 am to 10 pm.  A special attraction is an outdoor ice skating rink.

On Saturday late afternoon, we decided to check out Winter Land. And I am glad we did because we had  a good time.  Entrance to Winterland is free. I am not sure if there are charges for childrens' games, horse rides or to use the skating rink. Skates would be provided. There is a ranch with goats and horses,  plenty of enjoyment, games and fun activities for children. A lot of attractive stalls with flowers, sweets, cake, coffee, beauty products, perfumes, toys, clothing, fresh flowers are on one side of the venue. On the opposite side are lots of  food stalls, cafes and restaurants with plenty of tables and seating, where you can relax and enjoy good food and wonderful weather with your family and friends and let your children have unlimited fun. At 7.30 pm, there was a spectacular fire show by Flame Oz, a team from Great Britain. The fire show was repeated at 9pm.  

My camera batteries exhausted half way while I took pictures, so I just had to make do with mobile clicks which don't work good at night.  

Check Winter Land instagram page for announcements of international shows like the fire show. I suppose there would be some great shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So head there during the weekend and have fun.

Entrance: Free

Parking : Right outside the Winter Land venue in open ground