Saturday, 4 June 2011


Have you come across certain people who talk about nothing substantial or meaningful , except how much they spent and all the expensive new things they have bought. Well, I's tiresome having to listen to such a person and I do feel sorry that they don't realize that deep inside, there is something missing....and like overeating or indulging in food, compulsive buying is also a self destructive habit really. And flip side is, they are trying hard to create an 'impression'..  Depression, loneliness, sadness, lack of love and affection or self worth in their lives, drives them to seek happiness and contentment through compulsive or excessive shopping. They feel they can derive that joy by  buying a lot of things for themselves all the time. Though we see it as mindless and endless compuslive shopping spree, what shopaholics feel is  an instant sense of elation, a sense of comfort and gratification. They experience a euphoric feeling  while they spend considerable amount of time buying new stuff. They don't keep a tab at how much they spend; sometimes they don't even wear or use what they bought. They could end up feeling guilty later on, when they add up their bills and realize what a huge amount they have spent (wasted). Like overeating, compulsive buying is actually a disorder and addiction, that one can overcome with awareness and some determination. A hobby or fun and quality time with family and friends,  nurturing relationships, being involved in activities that give joy and evolve you as a person, can change your attitude towards money and food.


1. Make a list and buy only what's on the list
2. Don't carry credit card, only cash
3. Make smart choices (to buy or not to buy based on if you really require that thing or not)
4. Ask your self what is truly lacking in your heart and life. Compulsive buying can only give temporary joy.
5. If you are not sure of a certain item, yet, you're overly tempted to buy, you needn't buy it immediately. Instead go home and think about it. If you feel you really need it, return to the shop and buy it after a few days.
6. Give yourself a 30 day period to overcome excessive spending or compulsive buying.
7. Make a budget for the week and stick to it. Budgeting might be tedious and boring but it helps.
8. When there is a SALE, go see everything, enjoy yourself...but just buy what you really need. There is no rule you have to buy everything you fancy. Decide what you really want before hand.
9. Carry just enough money to buy what you want. If you feel horrible that you didn't have enough money to buy all those tempting things you saw, it's okay...calm yourself. Most of the time you will forget about it in one or two days, which means, it must have been on the spur of the moment compulsive feeling...which SHALL PASS.
10. Be in charge of yourself, compulsive buying is something one can overcome.

Tomorrow I'll shall be putting a very important and relevant post in relation to this.


Don't these pictures give the feeling as if water is flowing in the rooms or through the rooms or the rooms are flooded?. It's like an optical illusion actually. There is no water. Floors are painted in a manner to create an optical illusory effect on the viewer by Installation artist. Looks so really like water doesn't it?

This beautiful installation work is by German artist Heike Weber.



Centrepoint Salmiah

Compact mirrors in exclusive designs

Variety of compact mirrors with beautiful emellishment, perfect to carry in the bag

There is a nice SALE going on in CENTREPOINT on clothes, innerwear, footwear, accessories, bags, makeup, well just about everything, for men, women and children. I went to Centrepoint, Salmiah on Friday evening and boy, was I surprised to see a huge amount of people shopping at Centrepoint. Never really come across so many people at any shop during a SALE. They have nice footwear for ladies and gents. I  didn't have time to visit the women's garment section or the accessories section, though there was SALE going on there as well. 
I was in bit of a hurry, as I needed to visit Sultan Center nearby. Oh and yes...there were lots of ladies buying makeup from the Makeup section that  has many brands to choose from.  The customers' queue at the cash registers for payment was really 'longggg'. I just had to pick something small - I got myself a compact mirror with an antique looking exterior, that I liked. They had a lovely new collection of compact mirrors for ladies, with beautifully embellished exteriors (on sale), which would be any lady's fancy I feel, so I got one for my daughter too. The mirrors are kept in two separate locations. One set is kept near the photo frames. Another set is kept in the make up section. Well, there are a few plain varieties too, if you like it simple. The SALE is on till Saturday 11th June at all their branches (Centrepoint - Hawalli, Kuwait City, Fahaheel, Salmiah, Shuwaikh).

Centrepoint, Salem Mubarak Street, Salmiah (tel): 25711957


Today is a special's my son's birthday. A very Happy Birthday to a very special son!. Wish we there to celebrate. I am taken back into time of fond and loving memories of many beautiful birthdays, wonderful times spent together. Though we are separated by time (7 hours)  and distance (U.S.), yet our son is very much with us in our hearts, all the time. Looking forward to wishing him in the evening.



Jalal-ad-Din Rumi was a famous 13th century Persian poet, theologian and sufi mystic who wrote beautiful poetry with profound meaning.

Friday, 3 June 2011


What's been in the top news the last several days, is a massive European outbreak of new super-toxic strain of E-Coli bacteria.The Health Protection Agency yesterday said seven people in the UK have been affected by the virulent strain, three of them Britons and four German nationals. In Germany, thousands of people are thought to be sick. Hilde Kruse, a food safety expert at the World Health Organisation, said: “the new strain various characteristics that make it more virulent and toxin- producing”.

How terrible that wonderful veggies like salad leaves tomatoes and cucumbers have to be infected

All the cases in the UK caught the infection in Germany. There are now cases of E.coli poisoning in 10 European countries; there have been 17confirmed deaths and more than 1,600 people have been affected. It is thought the outbreak has been caused by infected salad produce, especially cucumbers – public health experts have warned people travelling to Germany to avoid eating raw tomatoes, cucumbers and leafy salad including lettuce. The symptoms are diarrheoa, followed by kidney failure and death. . It is advised anyone returning from Germany with an illness, including bloody diarrhoea, should seek medical attention. Russia has banned importing all vegetables from entire European Union. The virulent strain of E-Coli bacteria is resistant to existing and known antibiotics. The scientists and medical experts are not close to discovering the source of the bacteria. It is possible that that the deadly bacteria originated from animals, fertilizers, manure and or water that found it's way to infect the vegetables.

On BBC,a farmer at Covent Garden Market was saying how he would be earning 50% less on his vegetable sales, due the E-Coli breakout.  It is advised not to eat raw vegetables to avoid infection and its probably more safe to wash them well and cook them before eating.

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There is an ongoing sale at ANNIE KLEIN (NEWYORK) at Avenues Mall, Level 1, Phase II. The sale is upto 75%  and will last  till the end of June. Their collection of watches, bags, footwear (shoes and sandals) and accessories are for women only.


At one time, there was peace and balance on earth with all the four elements Water, Air, Earth and Fire living in harmony. But all that changed when the Fire Benders decided to take over all the elements. The story follows the adventures of Aang, a young successor to a long line of Avatars, who must put his childhood ways aside and stop the Fire Nation from enslaving the Water, Earth and Air nations. 'THE LAST AIRBENDER' is an American adventure fantasy film that was released in July 2010, in 3D with lots of special effects.

The movie is directed by M. Night Shyamalan who directed some good films like 'The Sixth Sense', 'The Village', 'Signs', 'Unbreakable' and 'The Happening'. Though the movie 'The Last Airbender' received negative reviews in the U.S., it went on make nearly $320 million internationally at the box office. I watched this movie on Wednesday night and I really liked it. Well, it's weekend and this is a nice movie to watch on DVD.

Starring : Noah Ringer, Dev Patel, Nicola Peltz, Jackson Rathbone
Cast of 'The Last Airbender'


NatGeo Amazing! by Mellina Gerosa Bellows, is National Geographic as you've never seen it before—a celebration of the world's 100 most fascinating people, places, and things, showcased in a large-format, full-color paperback. NatGeo Amazing, a 192-page book  which showcases a collection of the world's most fascinating information, through thrilling pictures and incredible stories.
Here are some pictures from the book:
Seeking balance in life an art form followed by Eskil Ronningsbakken amidst natural wonders

A 1500 year old martial art being practised by Monks

Freezing temperatures, insane heights, threat of death, all this does not stop Ice climbing enthusiast Tim Wagner

Lt. Col. Greg Gadson with bionic (computerized) limbs, after he lost his limbs in Iraq war in 2007

Rinspeed Vehicle cread by Swiss Co. Rinspeed inspired by James Bond movie 'The spy who loved me'
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We are the only intelligent creation who chose not to move
- an original quote by my Husband

I am happy to post this quote as it's comes from my husband, who is an inspiration and really cares about the importance of healthy eating and exercise. He always says, we are not created to lead sedentary lifestyle. Moving about and getting plenty of exercise was a natural way of living for our ancestors and they ate fresh and natural food (devoid of additives and preservatives)  and lived long and healthy with less diseases. Enjoy technology and all comforts our lives are blessed with ...but don't let that prevent you from moving..getting exercise.


Don't be misled by diets that claim that carbohydrates are bad for health. Carbohydrates provide all the energy you need to carry out your daily activities, exercise and also for proper functioning of all the organs. So, it becomes very important to include carbohydrates in your daily diet, even if  you are trying to lose weight.

Complex, unrefined carbohydrates contain many more vitamins and minerals than refined carbohydrates plus plenty of fibre, which is essential for a healthy body. You can always check the calories of the carbohydrate foods, based on their quantity you consume, through a calorie counter which you can find on the internet.

Some people avoid carbohydrates inorder to lose weight weight. Diet devoid of carbohydrates cause tiredness or fatigue, poor mental function and lack of endurance and stamina.  Carbohyrates are essential for proper functioning of brain, heart, nervous, digestive and immune systems. Have the right carbohydrates  mentioned below and not the simple or refined ones like refined sugar, pastries, cakes, white breads, sweets, as they contain high calories and will be converted into fat and stored in the body. Carbohydrates should form 60 percent of your daily calorie intake, fibre 20 percent and protein 20 percent .

GOOD carbohydrates:
Bran, wheat germ, wholemeal bread, multigrain brown bread, brown rice, potatoes, wholemeal pasta, barley, oats, lentils, chickpeas, beans, peas, corn, potatoes, wholegrain cereals, oats, fruits, root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, leeks and radishes.

BAD carbohydrates:
Sweets, sugary breakfast cereals, cakes, food made from plain white flour, pastries, refined sugar, (sucrose), fizzy drinks, processed fruit juices, biscuits, sugary chocolates.


Sculpture of Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Start each day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. It lays the foundation for lifelong health benefits for yourself, your family and children. If you skip on breakfast, you'll miss out on important health benefits.  A healthy breakfast refuels your body, jump-starts your day and benefit your overall health. 

When you eat a healthy breakfast, you're  likely to:
* Eat more vitamins and minerals
* Eat less fat and cholesterol
* Have better concentration and productivity throughout the morning
* Control your weight
* Enhance problem solving skills
* Feel energetic and experience an overall sense of wellbeing
* Experience less stress  
* Have lower cholesterol, which may reduce  risk of heart disease

Isn't that great? Look what breakfast can do for you! So,  don't skip breakfast - it's way more important than you think.


DEBENHAMS at Avenues Mall, Airport and Souk Sharq Mall, are having offers and sale until Saturday, June 4th. If you buy 40 KD worth of cosmetics and or perfumes, you get a 10 KD voucher to buy any designer outfits like Rocha, Butterfly, Pineapple etc.,  from Debenhams. Besides that, they also have a 'Buy two, get one free' offer  in Women's, Men's and Children's wear.

Debenhams Outlets:
Souk Sharq Mall : Tel - 22401500
Avenues Mall : 24954715
Airport : 24341642


Amy Winehouse, Concert at Festival City, Dubai, February 2011

Amy Winehouse, English singer-songwriter, known for her unique style of dressing, eclectic mix of various musical genres including R&B, soul , and jazz  as well her highs and lows in her career and personal life, is back in  Rehabilitation Clinic and her doctors fear that if she doesnot come out of her alcohol addiction, she could die. Her problems with with drug and alcohol abuse, besides her musical career have become regular tabloid news since 2007. Amy had perfomed in Dubai Festival City in February 2011 and the concert was reported to be not much a success. She hopes to sort our her problems before her shows in Europe in the summer. She is due to perform in Serbia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and Romania. Time and again we hear of extremely talented and accomplished, award winning young musical celebrities with huge fan base who adore them,  - taking to drugs and alcohol, going in an out of rehab, almost destroying their lives....What really causes all this?. Why do they resort to self destructive behaviours? The answers might be too complicated ...In Amy's case, only she would know the real answer to that.

Addiction of any sort is either harmful or fatal.


This is really good work - silver plated, Rider on Horse with Falcon

A mini Africa with tall giraffes

If you like creatures of the underwater world

These yachts are sort of big in size and very nicely crafted
There are several models of boats available besides this one

These are real horns that would have belonged to some animals. See the interesting head gear

I was quite impressed with this model plane of the past.  

How intricately and artistically this has been created using metal

All these gifts or collector's items in the pictures I took, (and much more) are available at A-Z Stores, Shuwaikh. When you are the gift and collecter's items section at A-Z, you get the feeling as if you were at a beautiful exhibition.


Huda Al Sulaiman, wife of H.E. Sami Mohammed Al Sulaiman, Kuwait Ambassador to India
Huda Al-Sulaiman, the wife of Kuwaiti ambassador to India H.E. Sami Mohammed Al-Sulaiman, showcased her designs of some 40 women dresses, particularly 'Daraah' and 'Abaya' designs, in rich Indian fabrics, at a fashion show organized recently at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Delhi, India. Indian models sashayed down the ramp wearing the unique dresses designed by Huda, at the glittering fashion event titled "The Reflection of Indian Heritage on Kuwaiti Customs". The dresses Huda had designed were said to be beautiful with magnificent designs on carefully chosen rich Indian fabrics in bold colours.

The event was part of the year-long celebrations of the the 50th Anniversary of the Independence, the 20th Anniversary of the Liberation, and the 5th Anniversary of His Highness the Amir's Assumption of Power.

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