Sunday, 29 May 2011


Italian food is quite captivating with all the delightful aromas, textures and flavors. A very special and joyful Italian Pasta Making Event was held at Carluccio’s on Saturday, 28th May. Chef Julio demonstrated the proper techniques involved in making different kinds of pasta from scratch and all the rules and tips that we required to know. It led the participants to marvel at how each pasta is made while Chef Julio demonstrated  how to make Gnocchi, Ravioli, Fresh egg pasta and Maltagliati pasta. People generally buy the dried pasta available in shops. But this was a wonderful opportunity to learn the art of making fresh pasta. Everyone got to explore the various sauces and watch how to make them like chicken, mushroom and truffle sauce; four cheese sauce; prawn and zucchini sauce and fresh tomato sauce.

Chef Julio’s recipes had a distinctive Italian flavour that emanated from using Carluccio’s Extra Virgin Olive oil from Umbria (Olio Extra Vergine D’Olva Umbria. When Chef Julio cooked the onions and garlic in this olive oil, followed by the rest of the ingredients, a dazzling, mesmerizing aroma filled the entire area we were seated, something that just has to be experienced! Participants got to taste a portion of every item Chef Julio prepared; that way, we got to know how it tasted like, and you know what, it was absolutely divine. Before the advent of Pasta Making demo, participants were given a delicious breakfast of one's choice, fresh juice and tea or coffee. Before we left, we were given a goody bag with the printed recipes and the ingredients required for making Pasta. A big thankyou to Mr. Sumesh Kunjiraman, Chef Julio and the helpful staff who made the event successful and quite a memorable one too.

If you are wondering where to get certain ingredients required for Italian cooking, Carluccio’s has one of the best Extra Virgin Olive oil (the one I mentioned above), Truffle oil and many other important ingredients required for Italian cooking. You can contact them for more details. Carluccio's has a beautiful ambience and it's place where you can enjoy authentic Italian dishes, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Location : Carluccio's, Avenues Mall, Level 1, Phase 1
Tel : 22597310
Breakfast before the event

Some of the participants at the event

Chef Julio explaining the essence of Italian Cooking

Preparing the dough for pasta

Rolling the dough

This was amazing to watch

Freshly made spinach-ricotta cheese filled ravioli

Preparing cheese sauce

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