Monday, 30 May 2011


When I was at the Avenues Mall on Saturday morning, having breakfast at Carluccio's before the Pasta Making event, I was sitting at the table, looking into the walkways of the mall and the shops haven't really opened as it was quite early, it was 9am. I noticed there were quite a number of people in the know doing what? They were walking for exercise with their walking  shoes on, swinging their arms - young people, the elderly, the aged . Observing them I realized, they meant business! They all looked so determined and were certainly enjoying what they were doing. You know Saturday being a holiday for most people, couples and children wake up a bit late, take it easy. Holidays means enjoying an unhurried sense of time and exercise is probably the last thing most people think of on holidays, that too early in the morning. Oh...but these folks I saw...we can learn something from them...that it does not matter if its a holiday or not, find some time to exercise;  go walking, head for the gym, go swimming, do some cardio, stretches...exercise for an hour.

The Universe grants you 24 hours everyday. Using one hour out of the 24 hours you have for exercise,  shouldn't be something difficult to do, right? Like the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson says, 'The first wealth is health'.

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