Saturday, 4 June 2011


Have you come across certain people who talk about nothing substantial or meaningful , except how much they spent and all the expensive new things they have bought. Well, I's tiresome having to listen to such a person and I do feel sorry that they don't realize that deep inside, there is something missing....and like overeating or indulging in food, compulsive buying is also a self destructive habit really. And flip side is, they are trying hard to create an 'impression'..  Depression, loneliness, sadness, lack of love and affection or self worth in their lives, drives them to seek happiness and contentment through compulsive or excessive shopping. They feel they can derive that joy by  buying a lot of things for themselves all the time. Though we see it as mindless and endless compuslive shopping spree, what shopaholics feel is  an instant sense of elation, a sense of comfort and gratification. They experience a euphoric feeling  while they spend considerable amount of time buying new stuff. They don't keep a tab at how much they spend; sometimes they don't even wear or use what they bought. They could end up feeling guilty later on, when they add up their bills and realize what a huge amount they have spent (wasted). Like overeating, compulsive buying is actually a disorder and addiction, that one can overcome with awareness and some determination. A hobby or fun and quality time with family and friends,  nurturing relationships, being involved in activities that give joy and evolve you as a person, can change your attitude towards money and food.


1. Make a list and buy only what's on the list
2. Don't carry credit card, only cash
3. Make smart choices (to buy or not to buy based on if you really require that thing or not)
4. Ask your self what is truly lacking in your heart and life. Compulsive buying can only give temporary joy.
5. If you are not sure of a certain item, yet, you're overly tempted to buy, you needn't buy it immediately. Instead go home and think about it. If you feel you really need it, return to the shop and buy it after a few days.
6. Give yourself a 30 day period to overcome excessive spending or compulsive buying.
7. Make a budget for the week and stick to it. Budgeting might be tedious and boring but it helps.
8. When there is a SALE, go see everything, enjoy yourself...but just buy what you really need. There is no rule you have to buy everything you fancy. Decide what you really want before hand.
9. Carry just enough money to buy what you want. If you feel horrible that you didn't have enough money to buy all those tempting things you saw, it's okay...calm yourself. Most of the time you will forget about it in one or two days, which means, it must have been on the spur of the moment compulsive feeling...which SHALL PASS.
10. Be in charge of yourself, compulsive buying is something one can overcome.

Tomorrow I'll shall be putting a very important and relevant post in relation to this.

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