Monday, 30 May 2011


"JOY OF KUWAIT HANDCRAFTS' is owned and run by the beautiful, charming, warm and friendly Joy, who I met at the KTAA Bazaar. Joy had displayed in her stall, exquisite handcrafted items like Arabic dolls and arabic theme items like guest towels, throws and cushions, beaded cellphone straps, blackberry pouches, phone pouches (including National Flag and star sign designs), gift bags, makeup/jewellery purses, decorative gift boxes, embroidered baby bath wraps, blankets and linen (ideal baby shower gifts). She also has special monogram service (for bathrobes, towels etc.), Christmas table decorations. She had a wide collection of beautiful jewellery too, and I couldn't resist buying a lovely enamel bracelet, which I really liked.  Joy had also designed and created beautiful looking colourful bags/pouches that had some nice embellishment of coins on them, which were on display. The handcrafted items are done with lot of care and sometimes, as a customer, we are seldom aware of the number of hours and labour of love for the art, that go into designing, creating, making and finishing of a handcrafted piece of work by an individual. Joy is a gifted and talented person, whose work is a must see and you would certainly be drawn to her beautiful handcrafted work.

Joy also has a variety of fabulous Fascinators that you can use to accompany any outfit and occasion. It can be worn on the hair, on the lapel or attached to your hat.

To know more details and you wish to buy her  Handcrafts or Fascinators, you can contact Joy via email:

Here are some pictures  I had taken of her work :

Beautiful handcrafted items

Fabulous Fascinators

The Fascinator, Kate Middleton's new fashion trend!

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