Sunday, 29 May 2011


A badly injured cheetah has been found roaming the streets of Karama in Abu Dhabi on Sunday morning. Residents in the area contacted the Khaldiyah Police Station, which liased with the Abu Dhabi Municipality to try to trap the cheetah. The municipality, with the assistance of a pest control company, reached the scene where the cheetah was found, and trapped the animal, which has described as “badly injured” by an animal activist and director of the Abu Dhabi Wild Life Centre, Ronel Smutts. Smutts said the centre's veterinarian has been sent to the scene to check the animal’s condition.
UPDATE (30 May 2011):
Raghad Auttabashi of the Al Rahma Animal Welfare and Rescue Society, (animal activist), was the first person to receive a phone call by a witness who spotted the cheetah roaming the streets on Sunday morning.  Raghad said the big cat appeared to be seven or eight months old and had an injured front left paw. It also had a broken metal chain around its neck, suggesting it was being kept as a pet. It's not clear how the cheetah got free in Abu Dhabi's Karama district, a short drive from the gleaming skyscrapers that line the capital's waterfront. Auttabashi said some residents keep pets - occasionally including exotic animals - on the roofs of their villas. She speculated it might have broken free and hurt its paw by leaping from its owner's home.

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