Friday, 4 November 2016


A beautiful Indonesian traditional Dance and Music show was held at Abdul Hussein Abdul Reda theater in Salmiyah, last Friday. The  fascinating dance and music showcased Indonesia's myriad cultural diversity. The last part of the show had an interactive surprise for the audience. We were each given a musical instrument made of bamboo called Anklung and we were guided how to play it. Once we got a grip on playing it, the musician got the entire audience to play few famous songs. It was fun and I could hear an enthusiastic audience absolutely enjoy the musical experience. 

One of the top south east destination for tourists, Indonesia is home to over 17,500 islands and 700 ethnic groups. If you are a travel aficionado, do you have Indonesia on your bucket list?

Now for some photos from the event


I enjoy working with sculpting clay and I've made small figurines on my own. It was my first time sculpting a life size portrait at the three hour workshop held by Kuwait Academy of Art, last Saturday. The participants had two choices - relief sculpture or portrait. My husband wanted to do relief sculpture. He made a lovely rabbit and a bird. I was so eager to do a portrait.  A bucket of sculpting clay was given to each of us portrait enthusiasts, and we got to work. We were asked to observe the size and shape of the face, head, forehead, nose, eyes, ears, lips and chin and shown on a diagram and how they should be positioned while sculpting. We were shown the intricacies on how to sculpt with our hands as well few sculpting tools, giving importance to the basic anatomy proportions. The whole three hours was an absolutely enriching experience. The joy of being able to create something beautiful from clay is engrossingly vibrant.

The sculpture workshop was conducted by Sepideh Behbehani, who graduated with Masters in Fine Arts from University of the Arts London. 

If you are interested in sculpture, drawing and painting courses or workshops, you can contact Sepideh at Kuwait Academy of Art.  Visit their Facebook page and Instagram for updates. The links are given below. There are some great pictures on their facebook page of workshops that were held and the courses. 

Contact : 66020283

Location : Lulu complex, 2nd floor, Salem Al Mubarak Street, after Symphony Hotel and Marks and Spencer 

My husband's relief sculpture work in progress

My work on portrait sculpture in progress

Work in progress...
My portrait sculpture after completing


Murouj Restaurants Complex in Sabhan held a weekend Market last Friday and Saturday. We chose to go late afternoon on Friday. It was one of the first markets to be held this year since the weather has turned so beautiful. The Morouj Market had a number of food stalls by well known restaurants, extending from one end to the other by the lake, bordered by urban landscape and fountains. The venue was so pleasant. As the sun set and lights came on, it was definitely a visual treat. A special play area was arranged for children. A place for games had a queue of young people trying their luck at archery. With plenty of seating arrangement, we could just relax, have something to eat, and enjoy the view, the ambiance and the music being played by the DJ.