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Dr. Mohammed Al-Banay

Yesterday, I had posted about this Seminar ‘Solving mysteries of  Men’ at TIES Center in South Surra. Well, it was an interesting Seminar and the ladies had lots of questions and sought advise and clarifications on various personal issues faced between men and women. Dr. Mohammed Al Banay who conducted this, is a psychologist, an NLP Trainer and a black belt in Karate.

In a nutshell, let me share some of Dr. Banay's  important tips for women. Share your husband’s interests like football or whatever hobby. Don’t tell him too many things at one time. Men are goal oriented and women are process oriented. So tell him exactly what you want or what you wish of him to do, one thing at a time. Don’t expect him to read your mind or know what you are feeling. Don’t ask him to take you to several places one after the other on the same day, ask him to take to one place.  Tell him in advance something you both need to do together or going out and give him a few reminders . Tell him in advance and give him a list and remind him of the groceries or stuff he needs to get for the home. Sit with him, spend time with him when he watches T.V. Show interest in the topics he likes to talk about. Men feel they are always right, because they feel responsible for their wife and children and he does not like  his wife to think he is wrong…and wrong could mean a deficit from his part in terms of inability to fulfill his role as the head of the family. Due to sense of responsibility comes this inhibition. 

He pays attention to his parents and siblings as much as he needs to pay attention to his wife and children out his sense of duty. Dr. Banay also stressed that men should provide the psychological atmosphere for his wife to be able to happily  take care of home and raise children. Providing for the wife, also includes the husband must provide the right atmosphere, love and consideration for her so she can be the best wife and mother. And a word of advise for women…Don’t let yourself go…after getting children. Take care of your health…if you put on weight, do take care…exercise and keep fit. And also talk to your husband, show him you love him and care for him. If he forgets to tell you he loves you, you could remind him and he will tell you that he loves you ! Don’t ignore the little things he expects of you. Men who stay away from home for long hours (away from his wife) is unhappy or having issues due to  marital discords.

Dr. Mohammed Al Banay gives private personal counseling to men and women related to relationships and marital issues to help couples have a happy and healthy marriage. People who have marital issues and discords are sometimes reluctant or shy or afraid to seek help. When they get professional guidance or counseling, it helps  to improve their relationship and quality of life. You can contact the TIES Center  for Dr. Mohammed Al Banay's details and contact information,  if you want to get in touch with him. Thankyou TIES Center for arranging this Seminar.

TIES CENTER (South Surra) : Call 97228860
or 25231015 , 25231016 


One the most relaxing things I personally enjoy is a PEDICURE! Love getting a pedicure done once a month. When it's done by a caring professional, it can do wonders for you. Whether you are a home maker or a working deserve a pedicure, to relax your tired feet. And when your feet is immersed in some nice warm water with bath salts, your nails cleaned and trimmed, feet and legs downwards from knees get good cleansing, scrubbing, followed by a luxurious massage for your feet and lower legs (knee downwards), and perhaps a paraffin treatment for dry skin, well, you would truly feel great, totally rejuvenated. Oh... and you get to choose what polish you would to be applied to your nails. A tip to remember is when the salon attendant or beautician is carrying out the pedicure procedures on you, please don't think of your problems, or pending work or all those 50 to 100 things you need to attend to, or about some negative person who irked you. No...just totally relax, enjoy every moment of your pedicure till the very end. Oh by the way, a pedicure should last 45 minutes to an hour. The massage should be long and relaxing, not a quickie. And then go home and admire your beautiful feet, go out wearing  lovely open sandals or flip flops and your feet is going to look great. I visited N-BAR at 1st floor, Galleria 2000, Salmiah near Sultan Center. . I didn't take any pictures from the inside  as the whole place was filled with female clientele and it's important to respect their right to privacy as all of them were receiving their beauty treatment.   Though I didn't use N-BAR's  services yet, I did speak to the staff there. They have an interesting variety of Manicures, Pedicures and Nail treatments and Specials. They are open 10 am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Tel : 25757540
What a beautiful colour - just perfect for the summer



A compilation of edible food fashion 
Healthy greens

Spaghetti and Meat balls!

Loafy Lady

A vegetable market?

This is almost like a sculpture!
Dress with fries...! Wear them perhaps...but don't eat them
Cup cake gown


In every overweight person, there is a thin person waiting to get out

You have to want to reduce. Anyone who wants to reduce must feel strongly enough about it, so that he or she will adhere to a reasonable reducing regimen and adhere to it full time
- Medical Management of Overweight Problems, by Edward J. Yarolin, M.D.)


This blog is a bit long, as it contains clear instructions on how to do glass painting. I had bought 2 transparent glass plates from IKEA, Avenues Mall, to do glass painting on them.  I took out my brushes, spread a sheet of newspaper on the table, so as not to spread paint on the table. I made a design with the Glass outliner, that comes in a tube with a very fine nozzle and a tiny hole to enable smooth outlining of the design you want. The design is done on the REVERSE side of the plate (reverse meaning underneath of the plate). The design (outline) dries fast in say 10 minutes.  
My outliners  are black, gold, silver and white. 

I chose a black glass outliner to do the design

The design is done on the reverse side of the plate

I took some plain acrylic paints on a palette so I could dip the sponge in it and fill the colours on to the plate
It's easy, you just have to use your imagination, or pick up a nice design from the internet, or look around you for ideas, when you visit any Home Center, IKEA or Alghanim (Avenues Mall), True Value or A-Z, there are lot of glass painted plates there. Take a picture of one of those designs you like so it’s easier to refer, when you want to paint the same design or something similar. Time taken to do glass painting will depend on how complicated or simple your design is. If you make a mistake while doing your design (with the outliner) or filling in the colours, take a piece of tissue, fold it, moisten the pointed edge with water, and carefully erase/wipe the mistake and re-do. 
A small piece of dish washing sponge to fill in the colours

The filling of colours is also done on the reverse side of the plate (underneath)

Once the glass plate is painted, keep it for drying for 24 to 48 hours 

Once dried, turn the plate the right way  

I used a small piece of dish washing sponge to fill in the acrylic paints to get a slightly porous look, which dried in about 20 minutes. Once the entire painting was over, I just let it completely dry for 48 hours, just in case there is any wet paint. You can fill your paint with a brush once you have outlined your design or use a small piece of sponge to fill the paint as I did. Transparent glass plate from IKEA cost 500 fils. If you like art, glass painting on a plate, is something you could try. Do you know it can make a nice gift as well.  Acrylic paints are different from glass paints. Glass paints are bit thinner (more liquidy) with a gum base to facilitate drying and transparent. Ofcourse, you get translucent variety as well. Acrylic paints are thicker. Both glass paints and acrylic are used to get beautiful effects. In acrylic, you can also get metallic, pearl, shimmering and plain colours. Oh, they all have gorgeous effects. They are available in Barakat, Salmiah, AG Mart, Salmiah and Dasman Complex near Sharq area. 

Glass paints and acrylic paints can be a bit expensive, so try not to buy big size tubes and bottles. Choose your design first, then decide upon the paints, so you just buy a few paints at a time and you can gradually buy more paints. if you enjoy the art. Oh getting the glass outliner is a must! (Gold, black and silver). 

Friday, 6 May 2011



Attention Ladies, TIES Ladies Club is organizing a seminar titled ‘Solving the Mysteries of Men’ by Dr. Mohammed Al-Banay at 6pm to 8.30pm TODAY, at the TIES Center.  Men…hmm... Sometimes women do find it difficult to understand them. Wouldn’t you want all those questions and doubts about men to be answered, mysteries that surround their attitudes and behaviours to be unraveled? Well, I am sure men feel the same way about women….that ladies too can be a bit confusing and difficult to understand. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and they have been sent to earth to learn to live amicably, despite differences, to learn that peace and understanding is possible between opposites. LOL. I am attending the seminar, how about you? My husband wonders, if I still need to understand men…I said, Yes I do. So ladies, do try to attend this interesting seminar. (It’s free, followed by complimentary dinner). See the announcement below for more details on the topics that will be covered in the seminar.
Location : Villa 67, Stree 413, Block 4, Shuhada Area
South Surra near the Civil ID office
Mobile : 97228860, 97798222

Location map of TIES Center


Are you trying to lose weight? Did you overeat or indulge in excess food yesterday? Did you have a tempting week surrounded by exotic food you couldn’t refuse? Or a bad month…where you couldn’t be consistent with your diet or exercise? All this does not shatter everything you have worked hard for…so don’t give up. It does not ruin your dreams of a slimmer you!  Start today. You know you can get back on track and take on your weight loss regime with a renewed outlook and determination. It’s your life and you are the manager of your of life. If you owned a business, wouldn’t you put in great deal of effort, to try to be the best manager -  to make your business a big success?  Well, you are the boss of your life…and now you know what to do…Low calorie food, some exercise and a firm resolve to do what it takes to lose all that excess weight.  



Isn't this a beautiful quote? much of faith, belief and assurance. Wow!...Just love this quote. Thanks to my wonderful childhood friend and classmate who had first sent me this quote, a month ago. 


 Remember I posted about the lemony Frankincense? Okay, beside the incense, I also noticed bottles of face powder, in the same basement shop in Salmiah (near Burger King). Each face powder had a special name.  The curious side of me actually took a whiff of these powders, and true to their name, their fragrance did quite a justice to their, em…exotic names. LOL! 
Ahebbak  'I Love you' face powder

Rain Drops

Sacred Love

Danat Al Dunia - Pearl of the World
1001 Nights 


Do you like  renting DVD’s and watching good movies over the weekend in the comfort of your home? How about watching THE LOVELY BONES? It is a 2010 drama-thriller, revolving around a young adorable, girl who gets murdered by an unsuspecting person. Her right to live, experience her dreams and ambitions is snatched away. What happens to her soul that is so devastated? Her soul yearns to seek justice…but how? I better not say any further as you should watch the movie to go through the whole story.   'The Lovely Bones' is directed by Peter Jackson, the director of Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the story is based on the best selling book of the same name by Alice Sebold. Saoirse Ronan who dons the role of the murdered girl, gives a sterling performance and she has won awards for this role. 

Also starring Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci

Thursday, 5 May 2011


There are certains areas in Kuwait, where Pigeons gather in large clusters, places where they get regular food. It's nice to see them feed unperturbed by passersby. I had taken these pictures right ouside Souk Al Muthahida, Kuwait City. 


Carrot and Bell pepper salad
This is a very pleasant tasting salad, very simple and easy to make. Its laden with lots of  important nutrients, vitamins and proteins. It's just perfect for the summer and you can have it along with literally any dish you have for lunch or dinner. I had prepared this a few days ago, when I was on the Detox diet.

Grated or very thinly sliced carrot (1/2 of a big carrot)
Bell pepper, sliced thin to 1 inch length (orange and yellow, 1/4 + 1/4)
few golden raisins (6 to 8) 
 whole almonds ( 6 to 7)
Black spanish olives (deseeded if you prefer)
Yoghurt which is not sour (1/2 cup to 1 cup, as desired)
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon honey (optional)
(Quanity mentioned is for two persons)

Remove any lumps from the yoghurt. Make sure its smooth. Mix all ingredients. Raisins, almonds and olives can be added to suit your taste. Honey creates a pleasant flavour. However, it's optional.  Hope you enjoy this simple yet nutritious salad.


Installation art 'Leviathanation' by artist Huang Yong Ping, Beijing

Artist Huang Yong Ping

Installation Art titled 'Leviathanation' by 56 year old artist Huang Yong Ping in Beijing. Born in China, Huang Yong Ping is now a French citizen. The name Leviathan comes from a monstrous sea creature from ancient mythology. Its done using a subway train with the head of a giant fish made from fibre glass. There are lots of stuffed animal heads placed on top of the fish. A lot of his work deals with the dynamics of power.