Saturday, 7 May 2011


Dr. Mohammed Al-Banay

Yesterday, I had posted about this Seminar ‘Solving mysteries of  Men’ at TIES Center in South Surra. Well, it was an interesting Seminar and the ladies had lots of questions and sought advise and clarifications on various personal issues faced between men and women. Dr. Mohammed Al Banay who conducted this, is a psychologist, an NLP Trainer and a black belt in Karate.

In a nutshell, let me share some of Dr. Banay's  important tips for women. Share your husband’s interests like football or whatever hobby. Don’t tell him too many things at one time. Men are goal oriented and women are process oriented. So tell him exactly what you want or what you wish of him to do, one thing at a time. Don’t expect him to read your mind or know what you are feeling. Don’t ask him to take you to several places one after the other on the same day, ask him to take to one place.  Tell him in advance something you both need to do together or going out and give him a few reminders . Tell him in advance and give him a list and remind him of the groceries or stuff he needs to get for the home. Sit with him, spend time with him when he watches T.V. Show interest in the topics he likes to talk about. Men feel they are always right, because they feel responsible for their wife and children and he does not like  his wife to think he is wrong…and wrong could mean a deficit from his part in terms of inability to fulfill his role as the head of the family. Due to sense of responsibility comes this inhibition. 

He pays attention to his parents and siblings as much as he needs to pay attention to his wife and children out his sense of duty. Dr. Banay also stressed that men should provide the psychological atmosphere for his wife to be able to happily  take care of home and raise children. Providing for the wife, also includes the husband must provide the right atmosphere, love and consideration for her so she can be the best wife and mother. And a word of advise for women…Don’t let yourself go…after getting children. Take care of your health…if you put on weight, do take care…exercise and keep fit. And also talk to your husband, show him you love him and care for him. If he forgets to tell you he loves you, you could remind him and he will tell you that he loves you ! Don’t ignore the little things he expects of you. Men who stay away from home for long hours (away from his wife) is unhappy or having issues due to  marital discords.

Dr. Mohammed Al Banay gives private personal counseling to men and women related to relationships and marital issues to help couples have a happy and healthy marriage. People who have marital issues and discords are sometimes reluctant or shy or afraid to seek help. When they get professional guidance or counseling, it helps  to improve their relationship and quality of life. You can contact the TIES Center  for Dr. Mohammed Al Banay's details and contact information,  if you want to get in touch with him. Thankyou TIES Center for arranging this Seminar.

TIES CENTER (South Surra) : Call 97228860
or 25231015 , 25231016 

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