Saturday, 14 January 2012


My vacation ends in two days time. And on Tuesday, I'd be back in Kuwait. I'll take back with me,  beautiful memories and some great pictures. When is my next vacation??????

When your vacation ends -

a. you feel sad
b. you are delighted, looking forward to returning to your destination. 
c. You suddenly remember that you hadn't visited people and places you had on your 'to do'  list. 
d. you are shopping all the more
e. You are relaxed and cool, you had a great time and you even packed early
f. Your flight is in two hours,  but you haven't finished packing. You were to reach airport before 3 hours 
g. you can't wait to get back and tell your friends and close ones, about your vacation and give them souvenirs. 
h. You wish you were on vacation 365 days a year.
i. None of the above!


A kingfisher captured by my husband right outside our 5th floor apartment. This bird comes by regularly to see if he can catch fish from our swimming pool. He leaves disappointed every time.


I was visiting a lovely handicrafts and jewellery  exhibition and I was talking to this young salesman. While I looked at the jewellery he had displayed, I asked him, 'Can I take a picture.?' Now that surprised him...he might have wondered why...because I asked if I could take a photo of his t-shirt! Well, he agreed and  now here's the picture. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


If you enjoy beach side resorts, Uday Samudra is a fabulous resort with great facilities, good food, ayurvedic resorts, beauty parlour, three swimming pools and access to the beach. Uday Samudra is located at the famed Kovalam beach in south Kerala, about 13 kms from Trivandrum city. Few days back, we spent about half a day at the resort and returned after sunset. 


An interesting sight we never miss when we stand in our living room balcony in the morning is a lot of kites flying in the sky. It's intriguing to watch them fly. Their flight movements in the sky makes them appear so regal. My husband says they probably have their homes / nests in the tall coconut trees as they seem to perch on the coconut trees after flying around. 



Breathtaking view from my bedroom balcony
The past week was sunny and quite hot towards the afternoon. Going out the past week  meant - 'ohhh, its going to be so hot'. But today's weather was perfect. As a close friend on mine in Kuwait would describe such weather as 'London weather'. What she means is the weather is cloudy. I just love this sort of weather, when its cloudy, but does not rain and its cool. After breakfast, we went for a movie and returned home and had a  wonderful lunch - minced meat with peas and potatoes which my son and husband like a lot. I had got up early and cooked before we left. After lunch, I wanted to go out again, but then then some sort of laziness took over me and I decided to just lie down and read this lovely book I picked up the other day while I was shopping at Style Plus - The Manual of Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho. The weather was just so beautiful -  I left my balcony doors open to let the cool breeze come in. My son had fallen asleep and I was reading this book. Paolo Coelho's inspirational writing can intensely connect us to the mysteries and unseen powers of the universe and explore our own inner nature, seek our strengths. Sometimes you could end up reading the same line a few times over because you relate to it.

If you enjoy Paulo Coelho's books, you will most certainly enjoy this book, which is a collection of philosophical teachings and inspirationals and every page is filled with something that you will definitely connect to. Life is a battlefield, and when you choose to connect with something bigger, deeper and higher in the universe, a light is cast for you in the path you tread and there are signs you follow and learn to fight your battle with strength, faith and wisdom. When you yearn for answers, when you are crossroads, when you are indecisive, people pass your way and give you directions, help and guidance. The universe arranges opportunites for you, your choices give you various experiences good and bad and you  learn. Life never ceases to teach you something from every little or big experience. The unseen light guides become a warrior of light.