Saturday, 14 January 2012


My vacation ends in two days time. And on Tuesday, I'd be back in Kuwait. I'll take back with me,  beautiful memories and some great pictures. When is my next vacation??????

When your vacation ends -

a. you feel sad
b. you are delighted, looking forward to returning to your destination. 
c. You suddenly remember that you hadn't visited people and places you had on your 'to do'  list. 
d. you are shopping all the more
e. You are relaxed and cool, you had a great time and you even packed early
f. Your flight is in two hours,  but you haven't finished packing. You were to reach airport before 3 hours 
g. you can't wait to get back and tell your friends and close ones, about your vacation and give them souvenirs. 
h. You wish you were on vacation 365 days a year.
i. None of the above!

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