Friday, 5 August 2011



Our body uses stored water to keep cool, but a lot of women hold on to too much water and end up feeling and looking bloated in the summer. To get rid of 5 pounds of water in three weeks, have 2 cups of FENNEL TEA daily. Fennel is a diuretic that will help in eliminating that excess water retained in your body. It is also known to reduce food craving.

Fennel tea has a pleasant taste and a wonderful aroma. To prepare the tea, boil 3/4 cup water, add 1 teaspoon of the herb’s fresh and crushed seeds.  Keep on low fire for about 3 to 5 minutes. It should not boil. Strain and drink one cup twice daily in between meals. If you do this for three or even six weeks maximum, you will notice an improvement in your digestive system and you will feel lighter, as Fennel tea helps in flushing  the excess water stored in your body.

This tea is not only healthy but it is also therapeutic. It contains some ingredients which help the body relax. It also flushes out the toxins from the body. Traditionally, people used this herb to stop stomach bloating and excess gas.


I was at 360 Mall the other day and noticed that DIESEL will be opening a new outlet at Level 1. Anyways, I found the posters outside the Diesel outlet interesting.

Have you seen the DIESEL official 'Be Stupid Philosophy' video on their website? Visit to view the concept of 'Be Stupid for Successful Living'.


At a party or get together or an office meeting, you are liable to meet new people and people you already know. Do you compare yourself with them in relation to your position or educational qualifications. Do you feel less important when you meet people who you 'think' are better than you in different ways. Well, everyone is unique and has their own positive qualities, quirks, accomplishments and drawbacks. In social or official situations when you are in the midst of a lot of people, you don't have to be scared or feel less important and shy away from communicating. There might be a lot of wonderful things unknown to others about you, maybe because you are a quiet person or an introvert. Communicate with clarity and express yourself with self confidence.  Maintain a positive air about yourself. Talking about yourself positively does not constitute to bragging. Your confidence will attract people and situations that work to your advantage.

Be inspired by a person or persons who are good in the same field you are in or interested in and observe how he or she does it. By watching and observing we can learn a lot on how to be successful at doing something and you can be confident about your new plan on how to execute it and be good at what you do and experience a new found confidence.

Are you concious of how you look, maybe your weight, your complexion, height or you feel you are not good looking when you compare yourself with others? Weight is something you can work on and reduce. Our complexion and how we look physically are a result of our genetic make up, which shouldn't be a matter of worry or concern. Eating right and some exercise can make us more fit and healthy which makes a difference in our appearance.  A confident and pleasant personality with character and integrity, makes a huge difference in how we feel and the effect we have on people around us.

Do you want to boost your confidence, well, I will share with you a few easy to follow confidence tips in my next blog!


Visit WASABI and avail of the 25% discount on the total bill on their Iftar meal during Ramadan. Their offer began on 1st August and will continue till August 2011.

Wasabi Restaurant branches:
Avenues Mall : 22597880
Al Bedaa : 22253112/3
Mahboula : 23730061


Taking responsibility for our choices leads to profound sense of freedom and inner peace. We often cannot see that we have choice. No matter what happens, we always have choice. - Larry James

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Judson Beaumont designs interesting and exciting furniture beyond the expected. His furniture has a personality and quirkiness that  makes you wonder why other furniture is so ordinary! Here are some unconvential yet interesting pieces of furniture designed by Judson Beaumont. He founded the company Straightline Design, Vancouver, British Columbia more than 25 years ago that designs any piece of furniture your mind can imagine!.

Bad table  peed on the rug!
Accordion Desk

Crash Table

Raymond Dresser

Oops Cabinet

Boom Cabinet (left), Joined at Hip Dresser (right)

Beaver Dresser


Lulu Hypermarket celebrates Dates Festival at their outlets in Al Rai and Qurain, with a variety of delicious and interesting dates from Saudi Arabia. Visit Lulu Hypermarket to select your choice of dates at the Dates Festival. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals and a great source of energy. The dates festival started yesterday August 3 and will continue until August 13.


For Reservation and Queries Please call CARLUCCIO'S  at 22597310.


Mind your speech a little, lest you should mar your fortunes. - William Shakespeare

Wednesday, 3 August 2011



AirFryer  by Philips using Rapid air technology for frying without using oil or very little oil,  is a new revolution in home cooking that enables you to have foods that are otherwise deep fried or shallow fried. For the health-conscious, it's a great way to prepare snacks or even entire meals that would turn out 80% less fattening. Philips Air Fryer is easy to clean and the integrated air filter prevents unwanted cooking smells and vapours in the kitchen. Philips Air Fryer using Rapid Air technology combines fast circulating hot air with a grill that cooks and crisp a variety of snacks and foods from tasty fries to tempura, fish, , chicken nuggets and even meat.  You can interrupt cooking to check on progress whenever you want, to ensure you get the result you want. The adjustable temperature control lets you pre-set temperatures of up to 200 degrees, and cooks food with steady heat to ensure crisp and even cooking. The timer enables you pre-set your cooking time so you can attend to other work. There is  a 'separator accessory', that allows several different foods to be air fried at the same time without mixing of flavors. So for the weight and health conscious, this would be some good news. It comes with a recipe booklet as well.
The Phillips Air Fryer is available in all the X-Cite Alghanim showrooms. The ones I saw were in X-Cite Alghanim Electronics in Avenues Mall. The price is K.D. 79 and on purchase of this, you get a free kettle.
Phone X- Cite customer service: 1803535

Food separator accessory

Adjustable temperature control

Pre heat timer

Rapid air technology


Don't we all wish we could avoid diffcult people? To an extent we can...if they are outsiders...we can allow not to let their attitude and erratic behavior get to us, if they are a shop attendant, teller staff so on. What if they are colleagues, or relatives, or family or even friends whom you actually can't avoid. Difficult people enjoy making life difficult for others with a concious effort. They don't feel good by being nice or polite or kind or understanding or even courteous. If you understand their intent, you don't have to let them get to you. Tantrums, obnoxious behavior, screaming out loud, colourful language are all means to seek attention and exercise authority, which they seem to indulge in constantly to keep themselves feeling good and adequate. Well, when they want to express something,  they just make their point in such a wrong way (if they have a point at all!). Don't fall prey to such people. Don't let these mean morons get to you. They want to see you upset and dampen your spirit and get a kick out of it. It's not worth worrying over what they think or how they feel. It's more important what you think and what matters to you. Keep your spirits high, be positive and spread the cheer and positivity. The world is not full of bad people...there are plenty of good people too! And as for the difficult people...too bad they just can't never know what it is to be just be plain 'kind, patient and understanding' and miss out on the goodness of life.


Creative artist Pol Tergejst from Ekaterinburk, Russia uses burnt match sticks, flame and smoke to create Flame Art and photograph them. His work is quite unique as you can see.


Avoid junk food, take aways and fried or fattening foods
With restaurants, fast food joint, take away facilities, life appears much easier. After a tired day at work, it's easy to pick up some fast food from the numerous restaurants around. Most fast food joints also have home delivery service; just dial them, place an order and in half hour or so, there is nothing more joyous than relishing in your favourite fast food if you are a fast food addict. For a lot of people, unwinding, relaxing or having a good weekend means eating out and indulging in all the rich wonderful tasting food.

It's quite true that in today's food culture, a lot of people and children are addicted to fast food and take aways. It's impossible to lose weight and even be disease free if you frequently indulge in junk food. Average take away or junk food contain way beyond the recommended daily calories and large amount of salt. You would do your health a whole lot of good by cutting away junk food and replacing it with healthy home cooked meals.

Fasting during Ramadan is therapeutical as it gets rid of the toxins accumulated in the body and gives the digestive system a whole lot of rest during the fasting period from dawn to dusk. After breaking the fast, one should go easy on the quanity of food that is consumed. Overeating is best avoided. Eat a balanced healthy, light, non-greasy, non-fattening foods and avoid too many sweets.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I usually write reviews on Women's perfumes. It's about time, I did reviews for men's perfumes as well. VOYAGE D' HERMES from HERMES is actually a Unisex perfume. But personally I would recommend it for Men rather than for Women. Perfumes and fragrance are such a personal choice. I would leave you to decide. Voyage d' Hermes is a soft, radiant, fresh smelling woody-musky fragrance that men would quite enjoy wearing. Top Notes are citron (grapefruit, lime and mango), bergamot, coriander and black pepper. Middle notes contain tea, cardamon and artemesia. Base notes are birch, white musk, amber and cedar. Available at Va Va Voom, Debenhams and leading perfume outlets.


Ramadan always bring nice memories of my children during their school days here. After breaking of fast, entire Kuwait come alive with people, traffic and activities everywhere. We used to go walking in Salmiah streets, Marina Mall, Fanar Mall and Sultan Center, during the vibrant Ramadan nights, with shops closing very late and the streets crowded with people. This was before the Avenues Mall or 360 Mall started. I wasn't on a 'diet' then, and sweets were a family favourite. My children and I used to buy Ramadan sweets of their choice and enjoy them.
Every year, there is a huge demand for sweets during the month of Ramadan. One of the most visually enticing treat is seeing a great variety of sweets all over Kuwait during this month. My personal favourite has always been the Kunafa. Anyways, with my diet and the choice I made of eating healthy foods, I have been avoiding rich foods and sweets. But I would try out just a few of my favourite sweets sometime without allowing it to sabotage my diet. I've worked way too hard to just give up. For those observing the Ramadan fast, it's best to be absolutely cautious not to indulge in too many sweets, or overindulge in heavy food,  and make sure you eat healthy and right during Ramadan.

After my one hour walk in 360 Mall on Friday, I dropped into Geant Hypermarket and enjoyed clicking away when I saw the display of freshly prepared Ramadan sweets.