Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Every Saturday, the camel race club in Kabd holds camel race from 2 pm to 3 pm. Races are held every 15 to 2O minutes.  You can enjoy the race seated comfortably in the glassed viewing area in the first floor of the large club building.  Or stand right near the race track and watch the camel race in close quarters. We prefer to be near the track, close enough to photograph the camels in action. When you look at the pictures, you would notice the camels are foaming through the mouth. It's saliva turning into white foam as they gallop. The camels have robotic jockeys placed on top. Camel owners control the robotic jockeys using wireless remote control as they drive in their vehicles alongside the camels in a parallel track. Adjacent the race track near a black tent you will find three camels with their caretakers offering free camel rides for both adults and children. Fancy something hot during the cold weather? Hot black tea  prepared in traditional teapots on charcoal is served from 2pm to 3 pm outside, right beneath the viewing building, facing the track.

After the race, prizes are given to the winning camel owner. We were served buttermilk and white butter made from camel milk in the diwaniya on the ground of the viewing building.  I didn't take a picture of that. It's absolutely delicious. You are supposed to lift the bowl and drink the buttermilk. No paper cups or spoons are provided. This treat is to be enjoyed the traditional way. They also serve dates alongside. Sometimes this served in the tent opposite the race track.

The races are held from November to March. The viewing building has restrooms. Every year we make two visits to the camel race club during winter when the weather is just so beautiful.  Here are some photos I took during the race last Saturday.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


As a child, I frequented Pearl Marzouk supermarket in Ras Salmiyah often. When I heard Qout Market venue has shifted to Pearl Marzouk residential complex, I was quite excited. Driving into Pearl Marzouk brought back pleasant memories of the place.

Back to Qout Market. If you hadn't visited the Qout market yet, its an open air farmers and artisans market held once or twice a month during pleasant weather from November to March each year. You will find specialty and healthy home made food, organic produce and products, baked goods, traditional confectionary, flowers, art, paintings, personal care items, and a variety of absolutely interesting things.

The open air landscaped compound of Pearl Marzouk complex was the perfect venue for Qout Market. There was a nice seating area in the center surrounded by the different vendor stalls, an arts and crafts area as well a separate play area for children and street food on a separate level easily accessible from the compound. What caught my attention and interest was the black roses, natural local honey that tasted amazing, delicious home made goat cheese with walnut and herbs in olive oil, the mama goat with her adorable kids, and the paintings. You can see them in my photos. 

The next Qout Market will be held on 6 February 2O16, 9 am to 5 pm

Qout Market Instagram page



This is our second time at  Cookin' Nanta show.  When we heard about it, that too the show was to be held close to home, we knew we weren't going to miss it.

Nanta is a Korean non verbal entertainment show that transcends languages. The performance has a comical series of things that happen in the kitchen, both humorous and musically entertaining. The performers played percussion using kitchen utensils with a generous dose of comedy amid every scene including interactive sessions with the audience.  Knives, spoons and chopping boards turned into musical instruments which was fun to watch. Adept acrobatic skills saw chopped vegetables fly around in air; plate after plate flung in air from one chef to another and caught with precision. The finale was beautiful modern and traditional Korean rythyms and beats on drums, backed with special light and sound effects.

Here are some photos from the Nanta show held at Abdul hussein Abdulredha theater in Salmiyah last Thursday.