Sunday, 29 May 2011


Yesterday evening, my husband and I visited the 'Classic Cars Photography Competition'  held at the Historical, Vintage & Classic Car Museum in Shuwaikh. The competition photos were displayed for public viewing from 15th May to  28th of May, 2011. The Museum houses a wonderful collection of historical, vintage and classic cars and one can experience the rich  automotive history of the past. It's a must visit museum where you can can revive your knowledge of automotive culture of a bygone era and learn about current automotive information as well. I will write another blog separately on the Museum in few days.

To visit the collection of cars at Historical Vintage and Classic Car Museum:
Location : Shuwaikh Industrial area (near City Centre)
Tel: 24824037 or 24847143 or 24819186 (Ext. 102 or 116)
Museum days and timings : Open Saturday to Thursday, 9am to 12noon and 5pm to 8pm (closed on Fridays)
Entrance: Free

Back to the photography competition, there was a huge number of beautiful photographs displayed for the competition. Photography is skillful art and the judgement surely would be a difficult task,  when there are so many wonderful pictures by talented photographers. The different categories for which prizes would be given out are:
1 - Best Photo of the Car
2 - Micro Photo of the Car
3 - Black and White
4 - People's Choice - voted on by the museum visitors

Winners of the competition would be announced and awards are presented to the winners  on Sunday, May 29th. Prizes would be distributed as follows:

Top Over all Winners: 1st 1000KD, 2nd 750 KD, 3rd 500 KD
Best Photo of Car Category: 1st 300 KD, 2nd 200 KD, 3rd 100 KD
Micro Category:1st 300 KD, 2nd 200 KD, 3rd 100 KD

Black & White Category1st 300 KD, 2nd 200 KD, 3rd 100 KD
Remaining top 50 winners will receive 50 KD

People’s Choice Winner will receive a special valuable gift.
Visitors were able to vote for their favourite photos by writing the number of the photo and leaving it in a drop box. The photo getting most public votes wins the “ People’s Choice Award". 


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