Saturday, 1 September 2012


One the things that gives a great sense of joy is random act of kindness to the doer and the one who is the recipient of that kindness. I'll share a small story with you on a small random act of kindess. A husband bought three packets of cream filled biscuits to take home to give a small surprise to his wife. She loves biscuits. When he came home, he had only one packet of biscuit which he gave his wife. She was so happy to see a packet of her favourite cream biscuit.

Husband : Actually I had bought three packets
Wife : Where are the other two?
Husband : I gave them away
Wife : To whom, for what?
Husband : I went to the gas station and there were these poor guys who are working in the hot sun and I gave them the other two packets. I know it was nothing - just biscuits. But they were so happy. They had this smile on their faces.
Wife : Oh...

Though she thought of it as a little silly at first, the wife realized the effect the little random act of kindness had on her husband and the men who stood for hours in the heat. Her husband had made two people happy. In fact she remembered the small as well as great acts of kindness that people had done for her. 

What are the random acts of kindness that you have done that was helpful or useful or even brought a smile on the other person's face?. Has anyone done a random act of kindness for you? Were you deeply touched by that act? It's not difficult to be kind. Sometimes a small act kindness can greatly help someone in need or touch their lives in a beautiful way.

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Qwel-Susz said...

Doing something to make someone smile or give them a little bit of happiness lifts both the person doing the deed and the person receiving it. it is one of easiest ways of spreading love and joy.