Wednesday, 29 August 2012


"Onam" is the biggest harvest festival of Kerala, the beautiful picturesque state located in south west of India. Onam Festival falls between August and September and celebrates the homecoming of legendary King Mahabali whose kingdom and reign was based on virtues, honesty and equality of mankind. Onam festival lasts for ten days, with "Tiru-onam" being the main day for celebration, which is today. The festival brings out the best of Kerala culture and tradition. Floral carpet decorations called "Pookalam" using real petals are done in the porch or right outside in the main entrance of house. A traditional feast called Ona-sadya with 11essential to 26 traditional dishes are served on large banana leaf. On the cultural front, breath taking Snake Boat Race, elaborate floats and processions, exotic dances called Kai-kotti-kali, katha-kali, ottam-thullal, traditional musical events like chenda mela (drums), stage plays, sport events, Tiger Dance with men painted to look like tigers, are some of the beautiful features of Onam. People wear new clothes during Onam. It's a celebration of joy, love, togetherness and a time to offer gratitude for the bounties and blessings bestowed by Providence and a reminder to tread the path of good.

Wishing everyone out there who is observing this wonderful festival, a  happy and beautiful Onam !

Legendary King Mahabali

Atha-pookalam (Floral designs created using colorful petals of different flowers)

Ona Sadya (the traditional Onam lunch - a delightful  feast, served on banana leaf)

Katha-Kali (dance drama with elaborate costume that depicts mythological stories)

Ottam Thullal - a folk dance of Kerala

Kai Kotti Kali (a traditional Onam dance)

Puli Kalli (Tiger Dance - men painted to look like Tigers)

Snake Boat race during Onam

Chena Melam (drums festival)

Uri Adi (trying to break a pot filled with water dangling, usually done blind folded)

Decorative Lights in Trivandrum city during Onam

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