Friday, 13 April 2012


Perhaps since I am a Nicolas Cage fan, I did enjoy the movie Trespass, which is a 2011 American psychological thriller. With big stars like Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman in the lead roles in the movie, one would expect it to turn out to be a big success. However, it was a box office disaster in the U.S. The story is okay, as long you don't question the script, intelligence, and workings of the extortionists who take the rich married couple hostage, especially two of the extortionist brothers who are led by emotions and conflicting issues that weigh down on them. The movie could have been made better, is what one ends up thinking, especially in certain places where it drags. It's like having all the right ingredients (big stars and nice setting) but the food did'nt taste awesome because it wasn't prepared right. Anyways, on the whole it is entertaining with it's moments of suspense, action and drama. The first half of the movie is better than the second half. Trespass is directed by Joel Schumacher. Oh the plot...I almost forgot,, Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman dons the roles of a rich but not a very contented couple. They have a teenage daughter who sneaks away to attend a party prohibited by her parents before the masked thugs arrive.  Nicolas Cage, unsuspectingly allows into his house, a bunch of extortionists who are after diamonds they believe he has securely kept in the safe. Now does he have the diamonds,  what is the fate of the married couple and their daughter when the the extortionists don't get what they want?. Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman, the gifted actors they are,  gave a wonderful performance. 

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