Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Summer has arrived and this means perspiration when you are outdoors. No perfumes and deodorants can prevent body odor. It's important to take a daily shower, but sometimes besides all the hygiene one would observe, some people end up being disappointed about body odor that would tend to develop during the day. 

Our bodies sweat in order to regulate the body temperature at 37 degrees. Our nervous system sends strong messages when we are nervous or excited, which makes the sweat glands produce a lot of moisture. We also sweat when we are out in the heat or when we exercise. And that's unavoidable.  Interestingly, sweat is actually an odorless liquid produced by the sweat glands in different parts of our bodies, like the armpit, feet, hands, chest, face, legs and genitals. The odor is produced when sweat comes in contact with bacteria on the skin surface. 

Try to consume less of garlic, onions and ginger and spices which are body odor contributors. Hormones in meat and diary also contribute to body odor. Zinc is a miracle mineral. Researchers in UK have found out that 30 mg of zinc (via supplement or food) will help defeat body odor, boost your immunity, it's good for your eyesight, fights hair fall, improves the quality and texture of your hair and skin and even lessens PMS symptoms in women. Would you believe 6 oysters provide 76 mg of zinc at once!

Here is a list of foods that contain zinc and include the ones you like in your diet and experience better health and keep body odor at bay.

* Chicken
* Turkey
* Salmon
* Sesame seeds
* Almonds
* Peanuts
* Pumpkin seeds
* Cashew nuts
* Pine nuts
* Sunflower seeds
* Shell fish (crab, lobster, clam, mussels)

Tips to fight body odor :
* Use antibacterial soap for armpits during shower
* Shave your armpits to reduce build up of bacteria
* Try to wear cottons and linens during summer to help the sweat evaporate
* Avoid coke, consume less coffee (stick to one cup a day), eat less chocolates.
* Change your clothes in case of excessive sweating. 
* Clothes begin to smell, and continue to give a foul odor after they are dry, even if  you just wore them once but sweated in them. Don't wear the clothes you sweated in, till they are washed. 
* Consume supplements or food containing zinc
* Shower after exercise / gym
* Try to consume least amount of garlic, onion, ginger and spices
*Use a non alcohol based and aluminium free antiperspirant deodorant (aluminium in antiperspirant deodorants have been suspected to promote breast cancer tissue and alzheimers)
* Visit a doctor if after all the hygiene and care, you sweat excessively and there is persistent body odor to rule out any medical cause.

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