Thursday, 18 July 2013


Girgian (prounounced as Ger-gi-yaan) is a fun filled time for children in the gulf regions. Children go around in groups wearing beautiful traditional or modern attire, singing girgian songs and filling their bags and baskets with sweets, nuts and candy given by neighbors and friends. Now a days, there are Girgian celebrations, parties and entertaining events specially for children. Malls, supermarkets and shops have started to sell beautifully decorated colorful girgian bags, boxes and baskets filled with all kinds of enticing sweets for children. Even adults become children again, celebrating Girgian along with them. I'ts a beautiful time of Ramadan. Girgian falls on the 13th day of Ramadan and lasts for 3 days. I love Girgian as it reminds me of my childhood days and the fun we had as children collecting candy from all our neighbours. I enjoy going the malls and all the famous supermarkets taking pictures of girgian decorations and candy. It's a visual treat. 

Here are some girgian gift articles I saw at City Centre

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