Wednesday, 30 November 2016


The eclectic Gifts Bazaar held last Friday on 25th November at Salwa Al Sabah Hall at Marina Crescent was one of the best bazaars I attended in the recent years. There was no entrance fee. The Hall had so many vendors including home based businesses with an amazing selection of gifts, assortment of confectionery, home made delectables and an enchanting array of decorative articles  for the holiday season. I found the hand made items like crochet and knitted works, paintings and mixed media art work absolutely fabulous. A lot of children were having a great time as they busied themselves decorating cookies and cup cakes, a fun activity offered at several stalls. The weather was perfect for those who wanted to grab some lunch or coffee and sit outside and enjoy their time. The venue was packed with visitors when I was there around 11 am. Suddenly I hear an announcement that Santa had arrived and lo there he was sporting sunglasses, seated on a special chair beside a lovely Christmas tree surrounded by a swarm of happy parents taking photos and children awaiting their gifts. 

If you missed this bazaar, and would like to attend one, there is a Holiday Bazaar coming up on Friday 2nd December at the same venue, by different organizers. I expect somewhat similar wares at the bazaar. Timings would be 10.30am to 8pm. Entrance fee of 1 KD.


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