Saturday, 28 May 2011


My husband and I visited the Mango Mania on Friday evening, the annual Mango festival at Lulu Hypermarket Qurain. Mango Mania is taking place at Lulu at Al Rai as well. Mango being an all time people's favourite fruit, Lulu Hypermarket has brought 104 varities of  mangoes from 10 different countries, for you to experience the wonderful flavours and  discover the joy of trying out new varieties of the exotic mango fruit. They also have a huge variety of healthy food, myriad of fresh herbs and produce, which I shall write about in the coming days. Right at the entrance to Lulu Hypermarket,  is a large poster that enlists 100 plus varities of mangoes and where they come from. I asked a staff, expert on mangoes, which are the 'sweet varities'. He told me, Alphonso, Priyoor, Mallika and Open Seed Mango from India; Langara and Sindhri from Pakistan; Ripe Mango and Green Sweet Mango from Thailand and mangoes from Yemen. You can always enquire about the vast variety, with the staff in the Mango section. There was this huge collection of mangoes under a 'Mango Tree' and if you can guess the right number, you could win a prize.  There are beautiful assorted mango gift hampers you could buy and gift your friends and loved ones.

That's not all...there are Mango speciality desserts like Mango Mouse Cake, Mango Pastry, Mango Swiss roll, Mango-walnut danish, Mango tart and lots more. Beside the left end of Takeaway and Live food counter, there are Mango Speciality Food like a variety of raw mango based salads like mango salad, mango & mushroom, mango & olives, Mango-mayo, Mango & Chickpeas, Mango Platter with dip. There are processed mango products as well. It's quite amazing really what they have. They also have fresh Mango juice, besides lots of other fresh juices.
Mango Mania is a must visit Event, where you can journey into a World of Mangoes for a delightful experience.

Venue: Lulu Hypermarket - Al Rai and Qurain branches
Date: 25th May to 6th June

Mango Hampers

Yes you guessed right - it's beloved Alphonso

Mango cakes and pastries

Mango Tart

Mango chick peas salad

Mango Platter with dip

Preparation of Mango Chat (an Indian Snack)

Freshly prepared Mango Chat (should be eaten immediately)
Don't miss the Mango Mania

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