Monday, 23 May 2011


On Saturday morning, my husband and I had a great time viewing the  Quilts, textile artistry and woven works exhibition held by Kuwait Textile Arts. The exhibits of various themes included yarn work, applique work, thread work, embellishments and sequins on pieces of cloth stitched together immaculately to form quilts and wall hangings of vibrant patterns and creations with diverse use of fabric and colours . Some of the work was elaborate with intricate details. Variety of attractive and interesting sadu weaving, stuffed cloth camels and cloth bags were also displayed. The exhibition provided a a great opportunity for the public to attend a unique viewing of exquisite and astounding work of 125 entries from 45 participants. Congratulations to all the participants - each of your work is spectacular.

If KTAA organizers or the Artists whose work  I have posted herebelow, have any objection towards their work being put up, please email me  at and I shall remove them.

A few pictures from the exhibition:

Kuwait Textiles Arts Association is a non profit multinational organization that brings together women interested in Textile art. There are various courses  held throughout  the year if you are interested learning various forms of textile art or desire to improve your skills. 
For more details please visit 

Tel: 2390-3462

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