Monday, 23 May 2011


The Bazaar held by Kuwait Textile Arts Association on Saturday 19th May,  was a delightful event with lots of tables set up by women having their own businesses, showcasing variety of jewellery, tea towels, embellished cutlery, leather goods, bags, pouches, show pieces, decorative items,  children's toys and educational games, beautiful eco bags, indian jewellery, pearl jewellery, arabic jewellery, embroidered wall hangings, embroidered artwork, sadu jewellery, frankincense, myrrh, hand made bags, well....a lot of lovely things really.

I bought pearl jewellery from Lorna (Pearl Lady)  and a lovely enamel bracelet from Joy. I have spoken to some the ladies at the bazar and took their individual permission to blog about their beautiful work, which they consented to. I shall be doing that over a few days. If there would arise any objection or conflict of original consent, email me at, I shall remove the post on the concerned person. 

Here are some pictures taken from the Bazar with the permission of the ladies who owned their individual businesses.
Beautiful Miglio Jewellery from Suzanne Hunter

Tea Towels  desgined and made by Susana

Unique Jewellery by Lubna Z. Awayes

Beautiful Greensac assorted Eco bags from Basic Green Est. (Haya Al Mughni)

Very light easy to carry eco bag from Basic Green Est.

Sadu House products

Lovely Indian bags, accessories and clothing by Pinky Shahani

Embroidered art work by extremely talented Zuhair

A lovely creation of  Arabic dolls, arabic theme items, gifts, bags, and lot of other items by Joy

Facinators for your hair or hat or lapel by Joy and Elaine

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