Monday, 23 May 2011


1. It's weekend and you are at a Park with your family or friends, what is your idea of having a good time,  if these were the choices?
A) Two chicken shawarmas (chicken sandwiches)
B) Sushi
C) Train Ride in the park
D) Saj or Lahem b'ajeen (Meat spread on thin white dough and baked) 
E) Nutella pancake
F) A camel ride

2. You are at the supermarket, you need to pick up some snack. What would that be?
A) A plate of assorted chocolates or sweets
B) Attractive rich cupcakes
C) Quiche, meat pie, fried chicken legs
D) Watermelon
E) Kit Kat - perhaps several of them
F) Apple and Banana

3. Here are some pictures. Which one do you like?
A) Money Tree
B) Solitude
C) I enjoy a good book
D) Cityscape
E) Stairway of Hope
F) Merging of sea and sky

Well? What are your answers?

As for me, I'd choose
1 - C (I'm a bit scared of camels or else would have chosen F), and
2 - D
3 - E