Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Each and every one of us desire to lead a meaningful life. With all the pressures of life these days, it is easy for us to carry a negative attitude most the day or most of the time. Actually, what many of us do not realize is that we have the power and choice to live a more positive life. It is also true that not everyone accepts or believes in positive thinking. Some think it's utter 'nonsense' or some sort of psycho-babble. Among those who believe, also know how to harness it effectively to get results. Let us explore what is positivity and why should we be positive.

Positive Mindset….what is it? Positive thinking is a certain mental attitude. It is state of mind where you have faith and belief and expect and trust that everything will always work out perhaps not exactly how we want it …but it surely will work out for our good. With a positive mindset, we are inclined to find answers to difficult problems and challenges. Positive mindset helps us to anticipate happiness, enjoy good health, success and a favourable outcome in difficult situations. And the amazing truth is, whatever the mind expects, it finds. Since we consciously think good and expect good, our mind and the subconscious finds a way to make them happen, as we send these positive vibrations into the universe which are reflected back into our lives. Do I sound a bit like Paolo Coelho in his book ‘The Alchemist’.? Oh I just love that book. Those who haven't read it, do read it.

Surrounding Ourselves with Positivity: People with Positive mindset are optimistic and happier with strong self esteem. They cope quite well in stressful situations and are therefore healthier too. Whereas those who are negative are prone to anger, depression, irritation, anxiety, unhappiness and low self esteem that takes a toll on the person’s health and productivity and strains his relationships with people around him. A negative mindset attracts more negativity! Positive people have a greater capacity for love, joy, peace, kindness and warmth that brings happiness into their lives and everyone else around them.

From Negative to Positive Negative people can certainly change their attitude and turn positive. They need to become concious of their thought patterns and deliberately switch to a positive mindset. After all,  in what way has negative self talk or attitude served any good? Has it ever brought any comfort or solution? Well, the answer has to be 'No'. If you struggle with negative thought patterns, it's time to start reprogramming your thinking. Conciously think positive thoughts  and surround yourself with positive people. Change your life by thinking positive. The rewards are definitely worth it.

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