Thursday, 26 May 2011


Have you wondered what happens to plastic bags once we dipose them? Plastic bags are not biodegradable. Most plastic bags go into landfill, or rubbish tips. Each year, more and more plastic bags end up littering the environment,  finding their way into our waterways, parks, beaches, and streets. And, if they are burned, they infuse the air with toxic fumes. When they are dumped into the sea, water animals who ingest them, mistaking it for food, die. If everyone begins to use reusable Eco Bags, it can do a lot to save and protect our environment and society.

At KTAA Bazar last Saturday, I was looking at these beautiful, light weight, durable, reusable Eco Bags for various occasions and purposes, at a stall by a wonderful lady Haya Al Mughni of GREEN SAC, by Basic Green Est. Haya was explaining about the value and importance of using Eco Bags instead of Plastic. GREEN SAC encourages life without plastic. Their bags are comfortable and convenient since they are made of quality fabric. The bags have enough space to accommodate all your groceries or other shopping. They also have other types of eco-bags for fashion or everyday use. You can reuse these Eco bags as much as you want and they are washable.

Divert to all  those things which are not harmful to the society and environment!

For beautiful, environment friendly Eco Bags, visit GREEN SAC at Galleria 2000, Shop no. 12, Mezainine, Salmiah.

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