Wednesday, 25 May 2011


About the book:
There are times when you know you just need to cut down a bit, reduce your outgoings, keep a bit of a rein on the amount you spend. Yet for most of us, that makes us feel downright depressed even before we start. But reducing your spending doesn’t mean taking the fun out of life. Oh no. If you’re clever about it, life can be just as good – it just costs you less. This is the book to show you how, in Richard Templar’s inimitable blend of originality, wisdom, practicality and funny straight talking.

How to Spend Lesswithout being miserable is full of techniques and strategies for cutting down on expenditure. As you’d expect with Richard Templar, there’ll be loads of common sense with a quirky take and plenty of fun.

Available at Virgin Megastore, Marina Mall, Salmiah

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