Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Was I in for a delightful surprise last Thursday, when I chose to lunch at LENOTRE SALAD BUFFET BAR, The Garden Area, Ground Floor, 360 Mall. As you know, the Gardens is calm and serene oasis, with live greenery all around, a variety of fresh plants and flowers, small pools with fishes, a really charming place to have lunch. Now this is where LeNotre salad bar is located!  When you are out at 360 Mall and want to have something healthy for lunch or dinner, I totally recommend the Salad Bar, where they had a salad buffet arrangement of 26 varieties of salads, absolutely fresh and 14 varieties of salad dressing (including low cal).

LeNotre Salad Bar is open in afternoons, evening and night. Trust me, its a must try. I truly enjoyed my time there, the salads are incredible and how can they not be...when its 26 different kinds salads! Besides the Salad Bar, they have a Menu, if you wish to choose anything from there, including fresh juices. I didn't want to have anything else...I was totally happy with the salads.

Salad Bar timings:
Afternoon: 1pm to 4pm
Evening: 6.30pm to 11.30pm

LeNotre, 360 Mall Tel: 25309661

Here are some pictures of LeNotre Salad Bar

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